Monday, May 25, 2020


Here in the U.S., it's Memorial Day, and my Mom & sister would normally be going to cemeteries to put flowers on graves. The pandemic has changed even the simple family things.

My distraction this past week has been music. I've been following a stage show called Celtic Thunder for over ten years now. They originally started in 2007, and I followed them soon after my husband, Jim, died. They've been a comfort to me ever since. I've been all over the country to see them - Arizona, California, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee. The performers are men from Ireland, and, originally Scotland as well. Performers have changed over the years, although three of the singers remain with the group. And, I've watched it change from a formal stage show to a performance in which the singers address the audience. It's always been fun, entertaining, and a combination of Celtic music with some Canadian and American songs that fit. This past week, they did hour long shows on StageIt, a venue for online performers. Each evening, two of the members replayed some of the highlights of their shows, and talked about them. On Saturday afternoon, six of the members, former and present, did a Zoom presentation, and each one highlighted their favorite number from the shows. It was just what I needed - music and humor.

This week, I'll be working on Treasures in My Closet for June 1. (Hard to believe it's going to be June already.) Treasures in My Closet takes time to put together, to write the short summaries and find the book covers and release dates. I enjoy it, but it is time-consuming. So, that's my distraction for this coming week.

What about you? How are you doing? What is getting you through right now?


Rosemary said...

Good morning Lesa!

Your musical distractions sound great. I have not heard Celtic Thunder play, but we used to like a band in Newfoundland called The Old Blind Dogs who were maybe a bit similar. I am glad you have hit upon such a good distraction.

I've been out in the garden already this morning - most unusual for me to be up this early these days, but my car had to go into the garage for 8am, and as they have at last opened up and can fit the part they have had locked in their workshop for weeks, it was worth an early start. Plus, it is a beautiful day here - I planted a few sunflower seeds that my daughter sent to me, and tidied up a little. On the river were two mallard ducks, peacefully swimming upstream - I think it's part of their daily routine.

This weekend I had two distractions. The first was that most of Saturday was taken up with my cat Gracie, who was not too well. We ended up taking her to the emergency vet, who seems to have sorted her out. G is 14 so every time something like this happens I prepare myself for the final visit, but so far she has rallied, and since yesterday she has been quite chipper and hungry.

The second was more fun (and considerably less expensive...) - I joined in a blog challenge for which the prompt was 'six favourite characters from series'. The blogger who runs it is very into YA books, which I'm not especially, but it didn't matter, you could do what you liked, and my 6 came from books by Susan Howatch, Posy Simmonds, Hazel Holt, Donna Leon, Dana Stabenow and Anthony Powell. I really enjoy these things sometimes, it makes you think about your reading in a different way.

My husband spent most of the weekend photographing his late mother's paintings and drawings, of which we have over 100 in the garage. He intends to make them into a book for his brother and sister. They will each choose the ones they want to keep, then we will give the ones we don't especially like to a charity sale.

Take care Lesa, and thank you for keeping this blog going, I know we all treasure it.


Jeff Meyerson said...

Glad you enjoy Celtic Thunder so much. I agree, I can't believe next week will be June already! That's partly because the last couple of weeks have mostly been colder than normal, and partly because we have been stuck inside and aren't seeing even the nice days close up.

We usually see Jimmy Buffett perform at Jones Beach in the summer, and weren't surprised that he has already postponed this year's concert to next August 10. Let's hope next summer that most of this will be behind us. As for the rest of our concerts, one (John Fogerty) has been canceled and refunded, and the rest are "postponed" with further action to come.

Who knows when Broadway shows will be able to resume, and under what circumstances. I mean, if you cap sales at 50% of seating, can that be profitable enough to continue?

Stay safe and healthy. Remember the Veterans who are gone today. My father enlisted in the (then) Army Air Corps after Pearl Harbor, at age 17. He spent most of four years in England working on bombers and other aircraft for the war on Germany. He died six years ago at 89.

SandyG265 said...

Good morning.

We usually spend part of Memorial Day at a local bicycle race but of course that’s been canceled. Our Zumba instructor set up a master class later this morning so we’ll do that via Zoom. We also picked up a flat of annuals yesterday at a local nursery so we need to plant those.

Our town and several around us do free outdoor summer concerts in July and August. Right now most of them are still tentatively scheduled with the chance that they may be pushed back to September and October.

Lesa said...

Rosemary, I have older cats, so I understand. I'm glad to hear Gracie has rallied. I really enjoy the thought of what your husband is doing for his brother and sister. What a nice memory for all of them!

Sending good wishes your way. I hope you have a quiet, enjoyable day.

Lesa said...

Yes, Jeff. My father was a veteran of the Korea years, but, fortunately, spent his Army years in the U.S., and then Germany. He went to Paris on leave, and he's the one who always said I should see Paris. Thanks to Kaye Wilkinson Barley, who invited me on the trip, I did.

My father-in-law was also a veteran, but his service was active duty. He was in the Pacific in WWII. I have his diary of his service, but Harry didn't write or talk about it much. He did tell me a story or two, and we learned more from someone who nominated him for a service award.

Yes, we remember.

Lesa said...

Sandy, My mother spent her time doing what you are, planting flowers. I don't have a green thumb, or much interest. But, my grandmother and my mother enjoy their flowers. Have a beautiful day.

Glen Davis said...

It's the concert season around here, I usually go to at 10-12, and also go to the Music Circus, where they perform Broadway plays. This year, they cancelled everything.

It's going to be a long summer.

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

I love how much you love Celtic Thunder.
We do need our distractions and I'm afraid we're going to be needing them more than ever in the days to come. People are being, in my opinion, quite reckless.
My distractions still include a lot of reading, although I feel as though I'm rejecting more books than usual.
And now - off to the kitchen I go to do some baking which is another of my distractions!

Lesa said...

I know what you mean, Glen. I've had two concerts cancelled and some plays. Those are usually my entertainment. It is going to be a long summer without those. I'm sorry.

Lesa said...

I'm afraid you're right, Kaye. I wish this country had done everything right to begin with. Too late for regrets, though.

SallyM said...

My distractions this weekend varied between food and remembrance. Saturday was the Farmers' Market pickup and Sunday curbside pickup at Kroger. Yesterday (Memorial Day) I went to the Frankfort cemetery where my parents and brother are all buried. It's one of the most beautiful spots here with a lovely view of the Kentucky river and the state capitol. It's also historic - Daniel Boone is buried there. I sat on a bench near my brother's grave and enjoyed the view and the peacefulness. Then I was surprised by the arrival of a motorcycle - it was my great-niece's husband who had ridden over from Lexington to visit my brother's grave. It was so nice to talk with someone for awhile but then it started raining and I drove home in a downpour and worried about poor Andy having to ride home in the rain. I checked later and he did make it back safely. After that I made a rhubarb pie with rhubarb from the Farmers' Market. All in all a very nice weekend although I'm getting more than a little tired of our everyday rain.

By the way, Lesa, I, too, love Paris. I've been there twice with the same friend but it's been a long, long time. First time we were there for Bastille Day and the second for the French Open tennis. Both were memorable.

Lesa said...

Sally, That was so thoughtful of Andy to ride over to visit your brother's grave. His wife's grandfather, since you said great-niece's husband? Just curious because I enjoy genealogy. So glad he made it home safely.

As did your rhubarb. Mmmm. Love rhubarb pie.

I imagine your trips to Paris were memorable, there for Bastille Day and the French Open! That's great.

We've been okay here. We have flood warnings through Friday, but we actually haven't had rain.

SallyM said...

Lesa, I just had to reply - yes, it was Andy's wife's grandfather. Since I retired genealogy has been my diversion and occupation but, sadly, it's the one thing I've done little of during this quarantine. I just can't seem to concentrate but I'm hoping to do a little this week. Another time I'll tell you why I'd never eaten rhubarb pie until after I was married.

Lesa said...

I know. I just sent my mother the information about the cemetery where her great-great-grandfather is buried, about 45 minutes from home. And, then I said, just think how much research I could have gotten done if I'd felt like doing any of it when I was home for two months. Looking back, there were days I just couldn't focus and do anything.

I'll take that rhubarb story sometime.