Wednesday, August 28, 2019

What Am I Reading?

Did I surprise you? No, tomorrow is the day for What Are You Reading. However, I'm not in town
this morning. I'm actually in St. Louis, and will be back this afternoon. I might even have time to finish my current book, and start a new one before we all talk on Thursday.

So, this is just a quick filler. I'm reading Billy Jensen's nonfiction book, Chase Darkness with Me: How One True-Crime Writer Started Solving Murders. And, I will be reviewing it soon. The title actually sums up the book, but it doesn't provide Jensen's background, or how his mother gave him true crime books to read and his father told him about crimes that were covered in the newspaper. And, because I've only read fifty pages, there's so much I don't know yet.

As I said, it's a filler today until I can actually "talk" with you tomorrow. In the meantime, it never hurts to mention a book.


Jeff Meyerson said...

Yes, I am surprised. I am hoping to finish my current book by tomorrow, so will wait until then to mention it. Have a safe trip.

Diane said...

After your review of Linda Castillo's latest book Shamed I thought There is a nice long series of books I could get into. Nothing beats finding an author I have not read who has written many books.
However I HAD tried to read her books many years ago. For me they were just too gruesome. Somehow the way she describes the killings and detailed description of the bodies just absolutely turned me off. Life is too short...
Anyway your review encouraged me to try her again. This time I managed to get into the second book. Same problem. Just too hideous in her descriptions. And really I am not usually so sensitive about this kind of thing. I don't know any other author I've quit for the same reason.
Guess as good as her books are she is an author I am destine not to read.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Diane, it's true. The opening scene in all of the Castillo books tends to be gruesome. If you can get past that, the rest of the book is generally not like that.

Diane said...

Thanks Jeff. From the first book I can see that she tells a good story. And an interesting one for me because I live in PA in close proximity to the Amish.
After the first book I figured I would try another. Maybe the real problem is I picked up an audio version of it. Truly I was getting sick. If I had read it I might have been able to skip over the detail.
Lots of books in the library, if I come back to her (which I may) I will only go with written form.

Lesa said...

Diane, I'm glad Jeff stepped in to talk about Linda Castillo's books. He's so right. The opening is vivid and gruesome. I'd never push anyone to read them just because I like them, just as I'd never say Louise Penny is for everyone. In fact, I've told several people not to read Louise's books at certain times in their lives. My sister wasn't ready at one too - her life was too hectic and work too stressful. Once she retired, she tried again, and fell in love with Louise's books. No author is perfect for every reader. I couldn't tell you how many books I've set aside or taken back to the library that other people just loved. There wouldn't be anything to talk about if we all loved the same books.