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Book Chat - Victoria Laurie's News

Passed on from Sandie Herron, the latest newsletter from Victoria Laurie, featuring her new series. Enjoy!

Introducing a new series from Victoria Laurie
The Life Coach Mysteries 

Coached to Death
Available October 29, 2019

Hello, my Lovelies!

Good Lord, I’ve missed connecting with you all on a regular basis! And yes, I know, I know…I sent you a newsletter only two months ago with all the forecasted deliciousness that 2019 will offer. (And, yeah, some not-so deliciousness, but we’ll get through it!) Soooo many of you signed up for readings in December that I felt RENEWED connecting individually with a lotta, lotta you! Thanks to everyone who booked a session; I’ve had a wonderful time hanging out with my peeps! (If you’d still like to book a psychic session with me, I’ve opened up a TON of new slots. So if you’re curious as to what 2019 holds for you, visit this link for more info: click here.)

ANYway, I had promised you a newsletter to let you know when to expect the good stuff, so here is your good-stuff newsletter!

First, as many of you might’ve heard, the Hallmark Channel had optioned my Psychic Eye series for their Movies and Mysteries Channel, and it really, reeeeeeally looked as if that was going to be a go—I mean, she was assigned the best showrunner (executive producer) and a gloriously talented director, but after a year of coming at Abby’s psychic abilities from several different angles, the network brass decided that they just couldn’t put up a show with a professional psychic without risking upsetting a large portion of their demographic. Hugely disappointing for everyone who’d worked so hard to find a compromise, but also—swear to God—a huge relief for me personally.

The truth is that Abby’s abilities were so contorted and watered down by the end of all that back and forth that I was very, very nervous we were so far away from her actual personality and talent as to render her largely unrecognizable, and it likely would’ve become a miserable experience for anyone who loves my girl. So in the end, the best decision possible was made for absolutely everyone involved. My goal is never to push Abby onto an audience who would become upset by her depiction, or angry over the notion that a professional psychic isn’t some crazy loon but rather a person with actual talents that are in no way an affront to God…their version or mine. LOL So, I really respect the network’s decision. I was honestly thrilled and honored simply to have my work considered by them in the first place. Like, not many authors even get to say that!

Now, for those of you who would still love to see Abby make it to TV, keep holding onto that hope! (My psychic sense says this will eventually happen!) I’ve been working very closely with that executive producer I mentioned and, along with fronting an adorable Christmas-themed screenplay I’ve written, she’s also going to start shopping the Abster to other networks because she feels so strongly that Abby could have a marvelous life on TV. Of course, I 100 percent agree, but I might be a weensy bit biased. LOL (And I know some of you will want to send me your suggestions for which networks we should pitch, but we got this, my sweet peeps!)

Next, you’re probably looking at that GORGEOUS cover at the top of this newsletter and wondering, “Is the next Abby out??? And did she go blond????” And to that I say, “Oh, soooo sorry, but no.” That cover actually belongs to the first book in my spinoff series, The Life Coach Mysteries, featuring Cat and Gilley—and, you guys, these two make the most AWESOME pair! Cat, now divorced, has moved to the Hamptons, and Gilley has taken up residence in her guesthouse. Cat has sold her marketing firm for mega bucks, and she’s now embarking on a more “purpose-filled” journey as a life coach. (Ha! Cat as a life coach goes about as well as you’re expecting!) Cat and Gilley’s hijinks-filled adventure begins with Coached to Death, which will be available in hardcover and eBook format this coming fall—October 29 to be exact—and it’ll be available in mass-market paperback the following September (2020). I’m already halfway through the second book in the series, which has one of the best twists I’ve ever devised in any book I’ve ever written, so, if you read the first book and like it, you’ll definitely lurve the second—To Coach a Killer—which will be available in fall 2020.

And, to those of you worried that Abby is finito—worry no more!!! I’m alsohalfway through the next Abby adventure (Fated for Felony), and I’ve mapped out the next two Abbys after that (and their plots are bananas good, you guys!). So hang in there just a few more months, my Lovelies. My goal is to have Fated for Felony available for eBook download by late March/early April. She’s coming, you guys. Pinkie swear! I’m also looking into a printable version, but that might be a few months later…it’s something I have to research and have several talks with the distributor over, which wouldn’t normally be a huge hairy deal, but at present there’s a freak-ton on my plate, so I’m just trying to keep my head above water and continue my writing streak to finish the next several projects as quickly as possible before I look at anything that complicated. LOL

And yes, I DID just mention more projects! So, at this point, I think it might be best to simply list them in order so you know what to expect: In the next few months, I’ll be finishing the second book in the Cat/Gilley series (To Coach a Killer), Abby XVI (Fated for Felony), the first book in another new series called Spellbound (that’ll be up via eBook download by June; I’m already three-quarters of the way through it), and two sequels to When (titled Why and Where…I know…obvious titles for a sequel to a book called When, right?). I’ve submitted the proposal for the sequels to When to my publisher, but I have no idea if they’ll be willing to publish the books this long after the first book in the trilogy came out. We’ll see what they say, but if they turn down the option, then I’ll simply self-publish the sequels, and those would likely be finished next fall. Also, Abby XVII and XVIII (as yet untitled) should be finished and available later this year and/or early 2020.

In other words, there is lots coming your way, my Lovelies, and I’ll be sending out newsletters to announce all the releases as they happen. For now, I just really want to thank each and every one of you for your patience while I get all of this new material into the pipeline. I’m so excited about all of the twisty, suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat plotting I’ve got laid out, and I think this is going to be the most creative and productive year of my writing career. Thank you for being an audience that has always appreciated and enthusiastically supported me and my girls. You guys are the best!

Huge hugs,


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