Monday, January 07, 2019

Bones Behind the Wheel by E.J. Copperman

I like E.J. Copperman's Haunted Guesthouse mysteries. In the latest, Bones Behind the Wheel, innkeeper Alison Kerby comments that "The National Language of New Jersey is Sarcasm." That's why I return to this series, for the humor. Bones Behind the Wheel wouldn't be the tenth in a series if others didn't enjoy the humor, the mysteries, or the ghosts.

Alison Kerby owns the Haunted Guesthouse, and, even in November people come to stay, maybe to experience the ghosts, maybe to walk on the Jersey Shore. This season, though, there is no shore while the state moves sand around to restore dunes after the erosion from Hurricane Sandy. Alison can live with that until the crew digs up a 1977 Lincoln Continental with a skeleton in it. And, the hole is on Alison's property.

One of Alison's resident ghosts, Paul Harrison, is delighted. He was a detective before he was killed, and he still encourages Alison to help him with investigations. Now, though, it's Alison's new husband, Josh, who is most interested in the case. He might not be able to see or hear the ghosts, but he's found a way to communicate. Despite Alison's comments that she's not interested in the case, Josh and Paul are involved. When the car is taken away during the night, and then reappears a day later, they're even more intrigued.

The cold case proves to be dangerous, and eventually Alison is dragged into the investigation, against her will. But, she's always determined to protect her family. At times, she seems a little too protective, especially when she treats her new husband as if he was a child. She's a snarky, sarcastic narrator.

Copperman's Haunted Guesthouse mysteries are offbeat. The character-driven stories feature amusing, quirky ghosts and a strong family connection. If you're a fan of Cleo Coyle's Haunted Bookshop series, you might want to try these books. Just remember, they're more sarcastic and funny. Just what you might want in a series set at the Jersey Shore.

E.J. Copperman's website is

Bones Behind the Wheel by E.J. Copperman. Crooked Lane Books, 2019. ISBN 9781683318873 (hardcover), 336p.

FTC Full Disclosure - I received the book to review for a journal.


Deb said...

I have been reading about this series and need to find it. Thanks for reviewing it!

E.J. Copperman said...

Thank you, Lesa!

Netteanne said...

It is a delightful series - I have only read three of them and this is a reminder to read more. E J Copperman is a very clever inventor of offbeat stories.

Lesa said...

You're welcome everyone. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. You're welcome, E.J.

TFJ said...

I love this series; hard to find at my local library, but man local independent bookstore will order it for me!

Will buy this one and the previous one, Hostess with The Ghostess at the same time. Thanks, Lesa and E.J.!


Lesa said...

My pleasure, Tricia, and I'm sure it's E.J.'s as well!

Sandie Herron said...

Somebody has lived in New Jersey, eh? I agree that sarcasm is a language of New Jersey, since I lived there for 20 years. I will definitely be picking this book and adding it to my huge huge TBRR, that's to be read room!

Lesa said...

I didn't know you lived in New Jersey for 20 years, Sandie. Sarcasm is just part of E.J.'s books. I enjoy it.