Saturday, December 08, 2018

Sandie's Corner - Audible's Best of 2018

Because Sandie Herron listens to audio books, and I don't, she's the one who caught the announcement that Audible named their Best of 2018. I do know that Audible is owned by Amazon, but these titles may be of interest.

I know this was popular last year, so once again, Sandie offers selections.  (Ihe author's name may be too small for some of you, but if I enlarged the pictures one more, they went off the page. Feel free to ask me if you want to know the author or performer.)

Here are the runners-up in the Mysteries and Thrillers Category.

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Sandie Herron said...

Even though I voted on the many categories for best of 2018, many I was unfamiliar with won or were nominated. The old adage "so little time, so many books" comes to mind! I'm so glad you brought them to everyone's attention, since they represent a different facet of interest for books. While the stories in a print book and an audiobook are identical, the presentation is quite different.