Sunday, December 16, 2018

Have You Heard...Donna Andrews' Owls Well That Ends Well

Thanks, again, to Sandie Herron, for a review for Have You Heard. Today, she reviews the audio book of  Donna Andrews' Owls Well That Ends Well.

Owls Well That Ends Well                       
Written By: Donna Andrews
Narrated by: Bernadette Dunne
Series: Meg Langslow, Book 6
Length: 8 hrs and 59 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Publisher: Dreamscape Media, LLC (10/24/16)

The world of Meg Langslow is always a bit chaotic, and never more so than OWLS WELL THAT ENDS WELL.  Humorous doesn’t begin to describe the yard sale Meg and her boyfriend Michael have chosen to host at their new home, the run-down Sprocket Victorian mansion a bit outside of town.  The house sale had included all the furniture and clutter that Edwina Sprocket had accumulated.  What would have been a large yard sale only grew when Meg’s family learned about it and wanted to participate.  Ultimately taking up 2 acres of land, each relative, friend, and neighbor had their own tables set up.

Dawn arrived with bargain hunters ringing the doorbell even though the posted opening time was 9 AM.  Fencing and the dog Spike guarded the sale area until then.  Meg’s dad was more concerned with the owls nesting in the barn, especially the fledglings.  Signs were posted saying to keep out of the barn.  Of course, no one listened.  The worst offender was an antiques dealer who kept hiding his finds in the barn until he paid for them.  He was overheard arguing with an English professor about a particular book by a favorite author.  The dealer claimed to have a wonderful copy while the professor balked at the price.

Later that morning, the dealer’s body was found stuffed into a trunk hidden in the barn by yet another shopper.  Next to the trunk was a bookend the professor had planned to purchase but was now bloody from bashing in the dealer’s head.  The police were called, and the yard sale was shut down to quarantine the crime scene.  The dozens of shoppers did not want to clear the yard so they could guard their choices.  Traffic clogged the road so when the media arrived, they parked in the front of the house, as did various vendors selling funnel cakes, snow cones, and more.  Even the sheep from the farm across the road were let loose when the ever-growing carnival spread to that lot.  While solving disputes and problems during the sale, Meg was able to snoop quite a bit to try and determine who the murderer might be.

Donna Andrews brings us a yard sale where everything that could go wrong, does.  Each catastrophe (real or perceived) brings on laughter, chuckles, and even guffaws from us readers, not the characters.  Most of them are in great distress, one way or another.  All the stereotypical traumas that might occur are brought to light in this book.  I’m sure it took a very organized mind to present so many concurrent disasters with so much charm and many giggles.   

Ms. Andrews has definitely hit her stride with this sixth entry in the Meg Langslow series.  I found it enjoyable, hilarious, and entertaining.  Even after a suspect was arrested, so many alternatives became apparent that Andrews incorporated in the now twisting, turning mystery.  The ending was unexpected, with many crimes and situations resolved.  Except the yard sale. 

Bernadette Dunne’s narration was wonderful.  Her calm voice brought us through characterizations but was mainly Meg’s voice since this is told from a first person perspective.  However, I would know her mother and dad’s voices anywhere, so well defined by both narration and writing.  A fabulous rendition of a terrific tale.

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