Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Glen Davis' Favorites of 2018

Last year, I tried something new on the blog. Some of the regulars who talk about books on Thursdays, for "What Are You Reading?" agreed to post their lists of their favorite books of the year. I won't be posting my own list until the end of December, but, along with all the book and entertainment magazines, some readers are ready to discuss their favorite books.

I love Glen Davis' weekly commentaries on Thursdays. He's always succinct, and has a dry wit when commenting on the books. Glen agreed to submit his list for the second year in a row.

Thank you, Glen, for talking about your favorite books of 2018.


Here goes!

Even though I read a record number of books this year, I felt like I read better books last year.  

Best Espionage Novel:

Bloody Sunday by Ben Coes; Dewey Andreas is given a relatively simple job: injecting a North Korean general with a poison in order blackmail said general. Unfortunately, Dewey gets a little of the poison himself. He has to infiltrate North Korea to get the antidote. Very exciting.

Spy Master by Brad Thor; Scot Harvath segues into a desk job, but not before stopping a Russian invasion.

Best Hard Boiled Mystery:

Every Day Above Ground by Glen Erik Hamilton;  Van Shaw does a favor for a friend of his grandfather's, a supposedly risk free finding of gold. Gold never comes risk free, as Van finds out. Cold and hard like the best of hard boiled fiction.

Best Cozy Mystery:

Death of a Neighborhood Scrooge by Laura Levine; Jaine Austen gets into a host of problems while housesitting. For starters, her neighbor a former child star, now a reclusive miser is murdered, and the cops think she did it. Levine in top hilarious form.

Dying for a Deal by Cindy Sample; Now a PI Laurel McKay is spending her days sitting in an office by herself, until a co-worker hires her to follow her fiance. A small time case soon enough gives MacKay all the trouble she can handle.

Best Historical Fiction:

Final Resting Place by Jonathan F. Putnam; A political assassination forces Lincoln and Speed to try to prove a man's innocence, against the machinations of Stephen Douglas, Lincoln's eternal opponent.

Luck Be A Lady, Don't Die by Robert J. Randisi; One of the Rat Pack novels. Frank Sinatra sets up a lady love in a hotel, but she skips out, leaving a body in the bathtub. Mobster Sam Giancana is also interested in the lady. Eddie Gianelli finds himself in a tight spot trying to find her.

Cold War Heroes by Tom Johnson;  A group of MPs in France have a series of MASH like adventures. Very funny and true to life.

Best Clive Cussler Novel

Raise The Titanic; The novel where Cussler and his creation, Dirk Pitt, really made their names. Very different than the current spate of novels, this is a cold war story featuring a race against the nefarious Russkis. First of Cussler's novels to be adapted to film.

Best Horror Novel:

A Ship Possessed by Alden Gansky; Also an Inspirational novel, so I guess this is a two-fer. A German U-Boat from World War 2 resurfaces in San Diego, along with other, more mysterious forces. A Navy Admiral attempts to cope with the supernatural, and its allies among humanity. 

Hook Jaw; A collection of comic book stories from Britain about a monstrous shark. Properly bloody. Anyone can die at anytime...essential for this kind of horror.

Best Children's Book:

The School Bus Driver From The Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler, pictures by Jared Lee; A kid has heard some ridiculous stories about his new school bus driver, and worries whether they are true

Serendipity Mystery, Diary of a Snoopy Cat by R.F. Kristi; The gang goes to Sri Lanka where they have to solve a mystery with the help of some leopards and elephants. Fun and educational.

Best History Book:

Scarface And The Untouchable by Max Allan Collins and A. Brad Schwartz; A history of the roaring twenties and the feud between Al Capone and Eliot Ness. Exhaustively researched and very well written. Probably tells you more than you want to know about both men.

Best Health Book:

Best Hospital 2019 by U.S. News and World Report; A listing of the 500 best hospitals in the country and so much else. Makes me feel good to be living within driving distance to a number of these places.

Best Book About Wine:

Inside the Chinese Wine Industry: The Past, Present, and future of Wine in China by Loren Mayshark; The title says it all. As a bit of a wine hobbyist, I found this book very educational, especially the section on counterfeits. I really had to swirl my wine in its glass to make sure I got the real stuff!

There you have it! Some old favorites and some new stuff. Looking forward to next year!



Jeff Meyerson said...

Thanks for the list. I haven't read any of them, but it was a nice group. I will try and go through mine and list what I can.

Lesa said...

It's always fun to see lists, and see what you haven't read, isn't it, Jeff? I'll look forward to yours as well, when you're up to it. Don't hurry. Take care of yourself.

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