Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Have You Heard? - NoirCon Journal

While I'm finishing a book for tomorrow, I thought I'd pass on the information Sandie Herron shared. If you're a writer, or a reader of noir fiction, you might be interested.

My name is Lou Boxer, director of NoirCon, a biennial literary conference based out of Philadelphia, PA. In addition to authors discussing their work, our programming features a variety of artists, publishers, scholars, fans, and other professionals whose lives and careers have been touched by noir. 

I’m writing to let you know about our new online journal, Retreats from Oblivion. In the spirit of NoirCon, Retreats from Oblivion aspires to publish all varieties of noir-related arts, from fiction and non-fiction to poetry, photography, visual art, music, and beyond.

If you have any new stories, or out-of-print ones, looking for a new home, I hope you will keep Retreats from Oblivion in mind. It would be a pleasure to feature your writing in our journal!

I hope you take a moment to browse through our site and enjoy what you read.

Thank you very much for the consideration, and I hope we can work together in the future.

Lou Boxer

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