Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Bouchercon 2018 - St. Petersburg, FL

So much Bouchercon, so much to try to remember so I can share it with you. I know I'm going to miss a lot, but I'll at least try to share pictures.

Bouchercon was at the historic Vinoy Renaissance Resort in St. Petersburg. Beautiful, restored historic hotel, but quite a maze. I flew in on Thursday, and arrived at 5 PM. By Sunday morning, I could end up in the right place without getting lost.

Before dinner, HarperCollins had a reception in which a number of their authors signed books. Everyone knows I'm crazy about Glen Erik Hamilton's Van Shaw novels. I had him sign the paperback of his third one, Every Day Above Ground. And, I had a chance to say hi to Tim Dorsey, who appeared regularly at the Lee County Reading Festival when I was in Florida.

Glen Erik Hamilton

After the reception, about 10 of us went to dinner at Paul's Landing, a restaurant in the resort. Aubrey Hamilton made the arrangements. First chance to see authors Neil Plakcy and Terry Shames. It was a fun dinner, but a little odd that the restaurant closed at 9 PM when our reservations were for 8. They started to put the chairs up on the tables around us. 9 PM?

Up early on Friday morning because my roommate, Kathy Boone Reel was on a reviewers' panel, moderated by Dru Ann Love. That was a fun one with more books to add to my TBR pile. Ran into Roberta Isleib/Lucy Burdette in the book room.

Headed to brunch with Kathy and others, and then off to the panel, "Bring Your Shovels - How to Move a Body." Matthew Clemens moderated the panel with Lou Berney, Clara O'Donohue, Chris Holm, Jamie Mason and Daniel Palmer.

Chris Holm

After the panel, I caught author Elly Griffiths with Kathy Boone Reel.

Alafair Burke interviewed guest of honor Karin Slaughter. If you ever get the chance to listen to Karin Slaughter, grab it. She's wonderfully witty and sharp.

I took a short break (suggestion - you have to have some downtime at a conference), and then Kathy and I went to dinner with Dave and Julie Gerber at 400 Beach Seafood and Tap House. Terrific dinner, a great drink, and the company was even better. (Kathy took the picture of the Gerbers and one of them took the one of us.)

That's the wrap-up for Thursday and Friday. Come back tomorrow for the summary of Saturday, including the Anthony Awards.


Jeffrey Meyerson said...

It was fun. We're heading home this morning.

Lesa said...

It was fun. Safe travels, Jeff. It was so good to see you and Jackie, even if it was just for a minute.

Kay said...

How fun it looks! Although I've about decided that Bouchercon is going to be a little 'big' for me. I'm thinking that Malice and Left Coast are more my speed. So, my next plan is for Left Coast in San Diego. I may skip a conference next year - and yes, I know that Bouchercon will be in Dallas. I hate driving in Dallas. Ha!

Lesa said...

Left Coast is wonderful, Kay! I've never been to Malice. Someday. But, at the moment, I'm planning on San Diego, too. Love Left Coast.

Glen Davis said...

Sounds like a great conference.

Lesa said...

It was, Glen.