Wednesday, June 27, 2018

In Dark Company by Linda Castillo

We all know I seldom read ebooks. But, Linda Castillo's new Kate Burkholder mystery, A Gathering of Secrets, isn't out until July 10. That's a good enough reason to download Castillo's short novella, In Dark Company. It will put me in the mood for the new book.

It's 4 AM when Burkholder, Chief of Police in Painters Mill, Ohio, receives a phone call that there's a battered young woman who took refuge at an Amish couple's house, saying someone is trying to kill her. Kate finds a young woman in her late teens or early twenties, dressed in unfamiliar clothes, missing a shoe, and speaking a dialect of Deitsh, Pennsylvania Dutch, that Burkholder doesn't recognize. John Tomasetti, Kate's significant other, and an agent with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, finds evidence of a chase through the fields, including a man's heavy prints and tire tracks. But, the young woman can't tell anyone who she is.

Once Burkholder's "Jane Doe" is in the hospital, she can begin her investigation. And, that's where I'll stop with a plot summary. This is a novella, and if I continue, you won't want to read the story.

Obviously, there's little space for character development in a lengthy short story. However, Castillo is skilled at developing suspense. There's danger to Kate and the young woman, as Burkholder uncovers the truth and a reason for attempted murder.

In Dark Company is just a taste of Castillo's writing. Fans will be waiting for A Gathering of Secrets.

Linda Castillo's website is

In Dark Company by Linda Castillo. Minotaur Books, 2018. 69 pages.

FTC Full Disclosure - I bought a copy of the ebook.


Jeffrey Meyerson said...

I am eagerly awaiting the new book. Maybe I will download this one while I wait.

Lesa said...

It will take you less than an hour to read, Jeff. I love this series.

Kay said...

I love this series too and have the new one pre-ordered already. Does this novella relate to the new book at all or is it separate? Curious. I don't often do the short story/novella route.

Lesa said...

It's totally separate, Kay. And, it's lightweight since it's a novella. You don't need to read it.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

I have this in my ebook tbr pile. I am not good at managing that pile. Not good at managing the print one, but at least I can easily see that one and freak out guests. The ebook tbr pile lurks in the shadows and is not easily seen. Except for that one unblinking eye.....