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Have You Heard? - Crime Seen by Victoria Laurie

It's time for another audio book review by Sandie Herron. Thanks, Sandie, for the Have You Heard review of Victoria Laurie's Crime Seen.


Crime Seen
Series:  Psychic Eye Mystery Book 5
Written by Victoria Laurie
Narrated by Elizabeth Michaels
Unabridged Audiobook
Listening Length: 8 hours and 38 minutes
Publisher: Audible Studios
Release Date: March 2, 2010

Psychic Abby Cooper is having a hard time recovering from a point blank gunshot to her chest.  First she must recover from the actual wound, for which her doctor prescribes rest with lots of sleeping for at least a month.  Then slowly she can resume normal activities such as dressing herself, cooking, walking the dog, etc.  The couch is too comfy and the dog too easy to cuddle and Abby just doesn’t feel like getting all the way better because that would be resuming her work schedule doing psychic readings for clients.  After three months without a single reading, Abby is fearful that she can even do the job any more, let alone for a client list that’s gone cold.

For her recovery period, Abby moved into her boyfriend Dutch’s home.  He works for the FBI and begins bringing home a few files, telling Abby he sure could use her kind of help.  He’s respectful when he says that; he is a true believer in Abby’s abilities, not everyone’s reaction to the knowledge of those psychic abilities.  “Dutch” has begun calling Abby “Edgar” after the man who “invented” psychic abilities, or perhaps I really should say he’s the man who put psychic abilities on the map.  It’s an affectionate nickname.  Dutch is using it more and more to prod Abby off the couch and because he is constantly amazed at her true abilities.

While Dutch is working one day, Abby picks up one of those files he’s casually brought home.  She’s drawn into the case since it involves Dutch’s partner Milo and the death of his former partner.  In addition, Abby’s best girlfriend, her “BFF” who is a private eye, decides to move to an office.  Since they get along so well and work behind the scenes so well, they decide to share office space.  Abby has her office, her reading room, and Candace has her own office.  Now Abby has a new place to go to spend her days, all the more reason to recover from that gunshot.

Each of the characters grows in this book.  Abby returns to a healthier life, Dutch has shared his work with Abby, Milo is finally getting justice on behalf of his former partner, Candace has found a home for her daily grind, and even the dogs are making friends.  All this doesn’t mean there aren’t perils to face.  Put Abby and Candace together and you’ve got trouble.  Candace believes that Milo’s former partner is innocent, and now the man caught is up for parole, a situation that brings everyone’s working eyes to the same places.

Abby takes this opportunity to describe her intuitive process, how she connects to her spirit guides, how her “crew” assist her, what she does to prepare for a reading, and fascinating information that helps the reader understand her process, especially as doubts plague her while she recovers.

I thought the audio version of this book was an excellent addition to the Psychic Eye series.  The narration was well done, and her descriptions felt so much more personal and one-on-one.  Don’t miss this turning point for Abby’s living crew of friends.

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