Thursday, May 17, 2018

What Are You Reading?

Oh, my gosh! I feel as if I let you all down. I thought I had already posted What Are You Reading? It's probably too late in the day, but feel free to jump right in. What are you reading or listening to?

I'm in New York City. Would you believe I left the book I'm reading on the table at home? Yes, I do have a couple others with me, which I haven't cracked, but I would have read that on the plane if I'd had it. Oh, well.

I'm sorry! I know you're all going to tell me that's okay, but I'm disappointed you couldn't drop in and share your reading this week.


Elle said...

Its okay Lesa! I'm currently reading War Storm by Victoria Aveyard. I loved NYC when I visited there! Oh no :( I'm sorry about the book you left at home.

Elle @ Keep on Reading

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

You have more important things to do and worry about. At least the rain stopped and tomorrow looks dry as well, if cool. I hope you're enjoying the trip.

Current reading:

Anne Hillerman, CAVE OF BONES, her fourth book continuing her father Tony's series about (in her case) Bernie Manuelito and Jim Chee, in the Navajo country of New Mexico.
Marko Kloos, TERMS OF ENLISTMENT, first in a series of futuristic (though not that far in the future) military SF.
Jodi Taylor, THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT: Stories From the Chronicles of St. Mary's.

SandyG265 said...

Not a problem!

I finished a children’s book BOB by Wendy Mass which was cute
A cozy mystery, EXPIRATION DATE by Devon Delaney
A novela HIGHTALE IT TO KINSEY FALLS by Gayle Leeson which I enjoyed

Right now I’m about 2/3 of the way through A MAN CALLED OVE by Fredrick Backman. It’s sort of an odd story.

Mark Baker said...

I took a brief break from mysteries and read HOW TO BE A PERFECT CHRISTIAN, a book from the satire site The Babylon Bee. Yes, I laughed the entire way through it.

Next up will be a Nancy Drew Mystery, THE MYSTERY AT LILAC INN, to be specific. Then I'll be reading 50 SHADES OF GREYHOUND by Sparkle Abbey.

Gram said...

I just started The Dark Angel by Elly Griffiths and am either finishing or in the middle of - Her Final Breath (2nd in the series) by Robert Dugoni, Solace Island by Sara Flynn, Whispers of the Dead ( 2nd in the series) by Spencer Kope, Plot it Yourself by Rex Stout, and Joann Gluke's Lake Eden Cookbook.

Margie Bunting said...

Not a problem, Lesa! I hope you're having a great time in NYC. I mostly read books you have already reviewed this week, and the consulting project I'm working on has continued to take away much of my reading time. It's almost done, and just in time--I picked up 5 books on hold at my two libraries, with one more ready to pick up!

The Bad Break is the second in Jill Orr's Riley Ellison Mysteries. It's a light mystery featuring a former librarian who is now a reporter for a small-town weekly newspaper, where her beloved grandfather used to write the obituaries. Of course, she gets involved in murders much more than she should, but the interesting characters made this a fun read.

You turned me on to Date with Malice by Julia Chapman, and I read the first in the series before reading this one. I was intrigued by the retirement home in this one, and its residents who seem to be getting injured, even killed, one by one. Samson and Delilah again join forces in the detecting.

I think you also reviewed Antique Blues by Jane K. Cleland. This is the eighth in her Josie Prescott Antique Mystery series that I have read, and I am never disappointed. In the latest, Josie is planning her wedding and considering a new business venture while working on tricky appraisals of a guitar with a possible celebrity connection and a rare Japanese woodblock print and, of course, there are murders. I like the fact that Josie is a grounded professional woman surrounded by a cast of friends and coworkers who are interesting in their own right. It's one of my favorite series.

Kay said...

Lesa, it is so very OK! You just have a wonderful time. Sorry about leaving your book behind, but I know (definitely know) that you have others with you. LOL

I'm reading the new Ruth Ware book that will come out at the end of the month - The Death of Mrs. Westaway. Very Gothic so far. And I'm listening to Matthew Iden's book entitled The Winter Over. It's set in Antarctica and I'm really liking it so far. I finished Jane Willan's debut mystery - The Shadow of Death - recently and liked it so much! I sat with her at a breakfast at Malice and she was just delightful. It's one I can recommend.

Carol N Wong said...

Terrible about that book being left at home! I am still reading Beautiful Music and loving it!! Also, started Just Under the Clouds by Melissa Sarna. It is about a homeless girl in a shelter with her mother, sister and cat.

Glen Davis said...

Just don't let it happen again! ;)

I read Antiques Frame by Barbara Allan. Vivian Borne runs for sheriff!

Bottom Feeders by John Shepphird; This book is even worse than you said. There is nothing here worth reading. There was one interesting sentence in the whole book, and the author uses it as a throwaway line. Read it as a What NOT to do example.

Contract to Kill by Andrew Petersen; A "private contractor," the current bogeyman, is killing people, and our protagonist tries to stop him while whining a lot.

Raging Heat by Richard Castle; I think I've now read the entire series. Nikki's self righteousness really grated on me in this one.

Judy Moody Goes to College by Megan McDonald; name says it all, don't it?

Flash by Tim Tigner: Typical Tigner production, new MacGuffin device can wreak havoc, and a couple have to stop them. The woman isn't Russian this time, which is quite a change.

Rewinder by Brett Battles; a time travel dystopian novel. My head didn't hurt at the end, so it can't be that bad.

Lesa said...

I love all of you people. I enjoyed your comments. Margie, you're right about Josie Prescott. One of my favorite series.

But, it was Glen who made me laugh aloud. I sent him the copy of Bottom Feeders. At least I warned you, Glen!