Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What Are You Reading?

If Jeff guessed if I was moving What Are You Reading to Wednesday this week, he guessed right.
Tomorrow is Feb. 1, and it will be Treasures in My Closet, so we'll talk about books today.

I'm reading the second Atlas Catesby mystery by D.M. Quincy, Murder in Bloomsbury. I've just started it, but those great characters are back, so I'm enjoying it. And, Quincy's Murder in Mayfair was one of the best books I read last year.

I hope you're reading something you're enjoying this week. Tell us what you're reading. We'd love to talk about it.


Grace Koshida said...

Where has January gone?!

I am reading ANOTHER ONE BITES THE CRUST, book #7 in the Ashland OR Bakeshop mysteries by Ellie Alexander. I enjoy both this series and the other one she writes as Kate Dyer-Seeley. I see she is starting 2 new series (you reviewed DEATH ON TAP recently). I don't know how she can keep all 4 running, but we'll see.

And a Lefty nominee for the best mystery novel that I had not read: CAST THE FIRST STONE by James W. Ziskin. Both his female protagonist Ellie Stone and the 1960 time period in America makes this series unique.

BTW, Lesa, your observation about Alan Bradley's Flavia de Luce series made me consider to start reading him again. I had stopped a few books ago when he moved Flavia to Canada.

Kay said...

I'm listening to the new J.D. Robb book, Dark in Death. I'm so proud that I'm all caught up with Eve and Roarke. LOL

I'm reading Friends and Other Liars for a blog tour. Liking it so far, but have not had as much time for reading as for listening. Next, I'm going to start Force of Nature by Jane Harper. Can't wait!!

Grace, I love Kate Dyer-Seeley's series with the reluctant adventure writer. I've yet to start the bakeshop books, but I want to. Can't believe she's doing 2 more series! Wow!

Grace Koshida said...
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Grace Koshida said...

Kay: I read Kate's IN CAVE DANGER last week which is book #5 in the series. Several plot threads were brought together and it could be a sign the series is ending, but I hope not! I am not sure if I will read the beer lovers one, but the fourth series is set in a floral boutique business in Portland OR and the first book is called NATURAL THORN KILLER.

And I have never read any of the J D Robb books...there's so many, well done that you read them all!

SandyG265 said...

This week I finished three books

UNBRIDLED MURDER by Leigh Hearon. It’s the third book in her Carson Stables mystery series which I enjoy since I like horses.

We recently watched the movie Soylent Green since we hadn’t seen it in a long time. I decided to read the Sci-fi book it was based on, MAKE ROOM! MAKE ROOM! By Harry Harrison since I’d never read it. Although it was interesting seeing how much the two differed it isn’t a book I’d read again.

And I enjoyed SILENCED IN THE SURF BY Kate Dyer-Seeley. I really like this series but got behind in it. I have the next two books in this series on order as well as her new book NATURAL THORN KILLER.

Grace, I’ve had ANOTHER ONE BITES THE CRUST on hold at the library for quite a while. For some reason they still haven’t gotten the book from their distributor.

Sharon said...

I am reading The English Wife by Lauren Willig.
Very much looking forward to Murder in Bloomsbury. I loved Murder in Mayfair.

Lesa said...

And, I'm not even familiar with Kate Dyer-Seeley's series. I always pick up something new after reading with all of you.

Yes, Kay. That is quite an accomplishment to be all caught up with Eve and Roark!

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Jackie is impressed too. She won't get the new J.D. Robb until we get home. She's reading a Nora Roberts trilogy set in Ireland, The Cousins O'Dwyer. (DARK WITCH is the first.) You would love it. She's also reading a Krewe of Hunters book, THE CURSED, by Heather Graham, at night on the Kindle.

I raced through the latest Insp. Salvo Montalbano title by Andrea Camilleri, A NEST OF VIPERS, a rather nasty plot. I ordered the new one from Amazon, THE PYRAMID OF MUD, and got it delivered here the next day.

First, however, I am reading the fourth (latest, I believe) DS Lucy Black book by Brian MvGilloway, BAD BLOOD, set in Derry, Northern Ireland. Good so far.

I did finish the huge Otto Penzler collection, THE BIG BOOK OF CHRISTMAS MYSTERIES. I had read a number of the stories already, but I enjoyed the historical variety going from Sherlock Holmes to Christie and Marsh, to modern day. I did enjoy a John D. MacDonald story I didn't know, even though it was a nasty one.

I'll have to decide what collection to start next.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

One more. I'm reading Rick Ollerman's HARDBOILED, NOR AND GOLD MEDALS: Essays on Crime Fiction Writers From the '50s Through the '90s. These are essays and introductions he's done for Stark House reprints, mostly about authors less familiar to most of us - Peter Rabe, but James Hadley Chase, etc.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

That was supposed to be NOIR, but autocorrect didn't agree.

Lesa said...

You're right, Jeff, and that's one of Nora Roberts' trilogies I haven't read. I need to pick that one up.

Sharon, everyone knows how much I loved Murder in Mayfair.

Charlotte said...

Finished reading two books by Nancy McGovern
A Cherry Sinister Murder Book 1
The Cheesecake Fake Book 2

I am reading The Blackmail Flour Trail Book 3 by Nancy McGovern
Into the Water by Paula Hawkins
The Birdwatcher by William Shaw

May you find time for reading this week.j
📚📚📚📚📚📚 ☕️

Lesa said...

Charlotte, You often have books I'm not familiar with. I don't know Nancy McGovern's series, but it looks like one you like.

donna from CT said...

Love Murder by Saul Black - last week I read The Killing Lessons and this is the second book with the same detective. Quite good. Always fun to discover another author you like.

Rosemary Kaye said...

I am reading 'Claudine at School' by Colette. It's set in early 20th century France and is about a tearaway schoolgirl at a very old-fashioned village school at Montigny. Colette wrote lots of Claudine books, plus the Cheri and Gigi ones. She was married young to a horrible old publisher, who realised that she could write so locked her in a room and made her produce novels, which he then took the credit for himself. Luckliy she was a strong woman; after 6 years she dumped him, later marrying again twice, and becoming France's first female president of the Academie Goncourt. She's buried in the Pere Lachaise cemetery Lesa! I started reading this because it is recommended in a book I love, 'The Ultimate Teen Book Guide', which has given me lots of great recommendations over the years.

My next book is going to be 'A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles, which I will be reading with my online book group. I'd never heard of it before but I see it has fabulous reviews.

Charlotte said...

I receive notices everyday from groups that I signed up to receive their free or cheap prices for books.
The Nancy McGoven series was offered five books in a box set for free. Sounded like they would be a good fast read. Couldn’t beat the price. Downloaded the set from Amazon. The two I have finished were good and the one I just started last night is starting off good.
From all those groups with their free offers and the cheap prices I find all new authors. If I check the groups out real close I can find a popular author with a good cheaper price also.

Glen Davis said...

I read Glimpse of Death by Leslie Wolfe, a serial killer thriller.

Labyrinth of Dreams by Jack L. Chalker, a sort of PI spoof where old fashioned PIs go into other dimensions.

Intruder by Budd Hopkins, one of the first books about recovering memories of alien abductions via hypnosis, now mostly debunked.

Full dive by TM Rain, a sci fi story featuring virtual reality.

And Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. I don't seem to like Dexter as much as most, but that seems to usually be the case for me.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Lesa, Jackie said that this has the same feel as the Guardians trilogy with the mermaid.

Lesa said...

Rosemary, That's a fascinating history about Colette! Thank you for sharing it. I didn't know any of that. Towles' book is very popular here in the U.S. I haven't read it, though.

That's where you're getting those books, Charlotte! Thanks for telling us.

I'm not a fan of the author, Glen. It has nothing to do with the Dexter books.

Jeff, Tell Jackie thank you. I have to read those, and her other Irish trilogy. But, I LOVED the Irish Born trilogy that involved the arts.

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