Saturday, January 27, 2018

Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake by Sarah Graves

Sarah Graves' latest mystery, Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake, marks the return of Jacobia (Jake) Tiptree from the Home Repair is Homicide mysteries. This book kicks off a new series, and a new adventure for Jake. Don't worry, though. Jake will always find a way to be involved in a murder investigation.

Jake opened The Chocolate Moose, a bake shop, just six weeks earlier with her best friend, Ellie White. And, Matt Muldoon has done nothing but harass them since the shop opened, threatening to complain to the state health department. When Matt is found murdered, left for dead in the bakery, Ellie has to admit she's not sorry he's dead. Even the man's wife doesn't seem sorry he's gone. But, Ellie's the one without an alibi, and her fingerprints are on the murder weapon.

While Jake and Ellie continue to bake cheesecakes for the vital Fourth of July auction, Jake has a million worries. How does she prove that Ellie is innocent? How does she cope with the failing health of her father, a man willing to break out of the hospital to end his days at home? Hurricane Amber is heading directly at Eastport. And, what about Jake's son, a recovering alcoholic and addict whose phone conversation is cut off as he's trying to explain where he is?

Welcome back to Jake and Ellie, two strong, courageous women, determined to find a killer. Eastport, Maine, is described so well in this book that the town almost becomes a character. Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake is an intense, action-packed mystery filled with surprises.

It's been five years since Graves' last Home Repair is Homicide mystery, and, I'll admit, I had tired of them. But, Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake launches a new series in the hands of an expert. Fans will welcome the return of Jake and Ellie, while new readers can jump into this book with no qualms.

Sarah Graves' website is

Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake. Kensington Books, 2018. ISBN 9781496711281 (hardcover), 240p.

FTC Full Disclosure - I received the book to review for a journal.


SandyG265 said...

I’d only read a few of her home improvement books because it wasn’t my favorite series but my library has this on order so I’ll give it a try.

Lesa said...

Sandy, No details about home improvement. I finally tired of that house. Let me know what you think if you get a chance.

Gram said...

My library group has it also, there are 25 hold ahead of me. Someday...

Lesa said...

Well, darn, Gram. And, I can't even offer you my ARC. I can't put my hands on it right now. I don't know where I put it.

Deepak Yadav said...

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