Thursday, December 14, 2017

What Are You Reading?

It's my busy week, so I won't have much reading time until next Wednesday. I've actually only read one more story in Connie Willis' A Lot Like Christmas than the last time I mentioned that book. Others are piling up. I'm hoping I'll actually have some reading time over the holidays. But, there's Christmas Eve with friends and a movie I want to see and...I know you understand this time of year.

What are you reading? Are you finding some reading time in December?


Grace Koshida said...

Lesa, the dreadful weather this week here in Ottawa is another incentive to stay indoors and read. We had our first major snowstorm on Monday/Tuesday (17 cm or 7') and the temperature this morning is a frigid -21C (-2F) with windchills of -30C (-22F)! The bitter cold is supposed to continue until the weekend, and then more snow.

Last week's reading choices veered on the thriller side.
I am really enjoyed THE MOSCOW CODE by Nick Wilshire. He is an Ottawa author who is new to me. Protagonist Charlie Hillier is a consular official who is starting a new posting at the Canadian Embassy in Moscow. He has to deal with the mysterious incident of a Canadian writer who suddenly dies while being held in detention on a drug rap.

I feel like reading traditional mysteries this weekend. I have lots of Netgalley eARCs to choose from (including several that you recently reviewed, Lesa):

BEL, BOOK AND SCANDAL by Maggie McConnon
A MURDER FOR THE BOOKS by Victoria Gilbert

Happy reading everyone!

Susan said...

I'm reading “Sleep No More, Six Murderous Tales” by P.D. James. It is marvelous, she was a master storyteller.

Sharon said...

This week I finished Death in Stacks by Jenn McKinlay. These are fun reads even though the endings always end up being a little too over the top for me. I enjoy the characters and her humorous writing style. This one had the gang from the cupcake mysteries make a cameo as well as the characters from her hat series which I have not read.

Today I will be finishing up The Paris Secret by Karen Swan. She based her book on photos of an apartment abandoned in WWII in Paris that was recently discovered. I googled it at her suggestion. The story involves provenance of the artwork found in the apartment. While I am finding the art part of the story very good I am not in love with the rest of it. The author is taking much too long to get to the point! I have a 100 pages left to see how it ends up.

Enjoy your weekend. I am looking to ours bringing warmer weather and watching a few more episodes of The Crown. Sadly we finished up Longmire. I just loved the very last scene in the last episode :)

Lesa said...

Grace, Susan & Sharon. Thank you for sharing what you're reading. Jeff tried to post this morning, but when he went back, there was a spam post (which I have deleted) instead of his post. So, it appears there are some spam issues. I'm going to report it, and see if anything can be done.

Thanks for telling us what you're reading. And, thanks for trying even if there was a problem.

Charlotte said...

Finished The Ex by Alafair Burke. I enjoyed this book. The ending was a surprise.

Back to reading A Treasure to Die For. I will not be able to read it full time because A ebook came from the library so I have to read it now.
Started The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson.

Did anyone ask for 📚for Christmas? I did, as if I need them. I think I do others don't agree. What do they know?

Trust there will be a little time for reading during this Christmas season. 🎄📚

Grace Koshida said...

Sharon: I am slowing limiting myself to watching one new episode of Longmire each week. I just watched Episode, is all I can say after watching that one. Good to know that they are ending this series on a high note!

Glen Davis said...

I read Tapu: Garden of New Zealand, a YA about opposing the usual evil developer.

Steal the Stars by Nat Cassidy, about a couple who work for an Area 51 type company stealing their captive alien.

In The Matter of Megan Pfeiffer by William Cheever, a mystery told in a semi-documentary style.

Strange Creature From Space and Time by John Keel: Seminal work on the paranormal.

The Sage Wind Blows Cold by Clint Hollingsworth: another series with a tracking premise.

Changes by Charles Colyott: Another Martial Arts Thriller series, this one set in St. Louie, which is unusual.

Wrestlemaniacs: an anthology about Professional wrestling.

donna from CT said...

Reading Heartbreak Hotel by Jonathan Kellerman - pretty good. Just finished Lost by S. Bolton - I love her books -have been reading all that I can find. Highly recommend her.

Margie Bunting said...

I actually have the Connie Willis stories out from the library right now and have read two so far. I just finished Ellery Adams' The Secret, Book and Scone Society and feel it is an excellent start to a new series!

SandyG265 said...

I have the Coonie Willis Christmas stories book out from the library too but haven’t gotten to it yet.

I finished a MERRY & BRIGHT A CHRISTMAS ANTHOLOGY. They are all stories by various authors set in Kristen Painter’s Nocturne Falls universe. Currently I’m reading the first book in Daryl Wood Gerber’s new series A DEADLY ECLAIR and am enjoying it.

I tried Ellen Adams’ new book The SecretBook and Scone Society but just couldn’t get into it. I do like her pie shop series though.

Lesa said...

Thank you! It's fun to see the variety of books you're all reading & that some people like a title, and others don't. It's all a matter of taste, isn't it?

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Yes, I posted twice, so someone could have seen it this morning. Then Blogger ate the posts for some inexplicable reason.

Trisha said...

I've been reading the Wendy Tyson Winsome mysteries, thank you for that suggestion! I just started the third one and am looking forward to really diving in over the weekend. Last week I was deep into the Mother Vinnie mysteries from the late 1990s since they have a local connection (for me).

I've been thinking about the best books I read in 2017 and realized that I do have a few books I'd like to call out. I'll try to pull a paragraph together.

Lesa said...

Who knows? It's not as if I can actually get an answer from Blogger. Thank you, Jeff, for trying again.

Lesa said...

Great, Trisha! I'll be glad to include your best books of 2017 whenever you want, at the end of this year, or sometime in early January. I'm looking forward to the lists from those of you who choose to participate!