Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Have You Heard? Victoria Laurie's Better Read Than Dead

This is the post that was supposed to be published yesterday. Unfortunately, it looked fine when I saw the preview. Once it published, the formatting was terrible. I'll try again. Thanks to Sandie Herron for the audiobook review.

Better Read Than Dead
Series: Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye Book 2
Written by: Victoria Laurie
Narrated by: Elizabeth Michaels
Unabridged Audiobook
Length: 11 hrs and 2 mins 
Publisher: Audible Studios    
Release Date: 03-02-10

Abby's world was a bit lonely with Dutch away at the training academy for the FBI.  When he returns home, she has to postpone their big reunion to do a reading for a wedding where the bride was really looking forward to having two psychics.  The original two got sick.  They ask for a favor, and Abby and a friend attend the reception and take up their places doing readings.  When Abby does her first one, it is of a man who has killed and hurt others.  She becomes alarmed, but the man is very calm.  She talks to her friend who has discovered that this is a Greek wedding put on by the head of the Greek Mafia!  

They grab their things and run and keep running for the remainder of the book.  Abby's friend goes on vacation leaving her to answer to the Mafia boss and father of the bride as to why they didn't deliver services for which they were paid in advance.  She ends up returning the money for their half done reading, in double.  That's after the Mafia goons kidnap her and bring her to the boss’s office.  He is riddled with cancer; Abby can see mostly black in his aura, so he is close to death.

He lives long enough to make Abby's life hell between questioning her, chasing her, burning down her house, wrecking her car, and bringing in Dutch and the female agent playing his wife undercover who is tremendously jealous of Abby in real life.  Then Abby's sister Cat visits and unfortunately meets the serial rapist hitting Boston.  Finally Abby is sent on a search to find a person important to the Mafia boss, someone he would like to see before he dies.   

This story had many funny moments.  I think Victoria Laurie may have a sense of humor sneaking in behind her main story about a psychic and her FBI agent boyfriend.  It was a bit difficult to take everything seriously, but maybe that was the point.  Much of the humor was situational brought out by what was happening to the pair. 

I still have a bit of trouble with the narrator sounding a bit old for the part.  However, when Abby dealt with some older women, it became much less intrusive.  I forgot about it after that. The narrator did do a good job with various accents and changes in gender of the characters and brought the story to life.

All in all, Abby and Dutch survive to find each other again even though she's feeling a bit hesitant about their relationship.  When you've read all the twists and turns and stunts they go through for the Mafia, you'll know why!  


Sandie Herron said...

Thanks for posting this Lesa. Victoria Laurie used to have two series going - the ghost hunters and Abby, the psychic. As I understand it, the two are combining somehow with the next book early next year. I'm anxiously awaiting it since I've enjoyed all her books in both series.

Lesa said...

Well, that will be interesting, Sandie. I hope they're release early in audiobook, so you can read them. Thank you, again!