Thursday, August 03, 2017

What Are You Reading?

I'm actually in Cleveland for a conference today, but I do have books with me. However, the one I'm reading is for a book review for Library Journal, so I can't discuss it. The book comes out in October, so my review will be up then.

In the meantime, why don't you tell everyone what you're reading today? I hope you're enjoying it!


Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Enjoy your conference!

I'm reading a couple of collecions on the Kindle - Marcus Sakey, SCAR TISSUE; Terence Faherty, TALES OF THE STAR REPUBLIC (which is about a writer who covers "odd" stories for an Indianapolis newspaper). I have two newer Sakey books from the library, as well as the sequel to Faherty's collection also on hand, not to mention, oh, a few other things I've bought.

Also reading the previously mentioned GRAVEYARD SHIFT by Michael F. Haspil, now that I read Linda Castillo's DOWN A DARK ROAD, the latest Kate Burkholder mystery.

Bill Crider said...

Reading oldies: The Body Beautiful by Bill S. Ballinger, The Body Looks Familiar by Richard Wormser, The Late Mrs. Five also by Wormser. The two Wormser books are re-reads.

Sharon said...

Cleveland Rocks! The suburb of Willowick on the east side on the lake is my hometown. I finished South Pole Station by Ashley Shelby and liked it. Now I am reading Jane is Austin: A Novel of Sweet Tea and Sensibility by Hillary Manton Lodge. Not sure if I am liking it or not. Safe Travels!

Charlotte said...

I am still reading
Oregon Hill by Howard OWen
I Need a Lifeguard Everywhere but the Pool by Scottoline/ Serritella
How Sweet the Sound by Deborah Heal

Have a great reading week

SandyG265 said...

I just started re-reading J.J. Cook's Sweet Pepper series. I'm partway through the first book, THAT OLD FLAME OF MINE.

Margie Bunting said...

I just finished reading Laura Dave's HELLO, SUNSHINE, which I enjoyed. Before that it was Michael Connelly's THE LATE SHOW, the first in a new series, which I thought was a cut below his other books. Jenny Colgan's THE CAFE BY THE SEA was comfort food for me, as are all of her other books--love them! Just for fun, I read the late Agnes Nixon's autobiography, MY LIFE TO LIVE (used to love All My Children during college and as a young mother), which was terrific. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish FITNESS JUNKIE by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza, though I loved their previous collaboration. This one didn't do it for me. Next up: Linda Fairstein's DEADFALL.

Glen Davis said...

Read some fantasy--Warriors of the Hollow World by Stephen R. Brandt and Elissa Blue by TK Perry.

A time travel novel Empire of Time by Daniel Godfrey.

Just Killing Time, a serial killer thriller by Derek Van Arnam.

Truman's Spy by Noel Hynd.

None of them were all that great.

Lesa said...

Glen, You're the one I'm sorry for that none of the books were that great. Jeff's Faherty collections sound fascinating. Comfort & old favorites are always fun. Sandy, I loved that series.I need to read that Scottoline. Margie, I like Colgan, too.

Conference is over for the day. Tonight, dinner with friends. And, conference meetings all day tomorrow.

Carol N Wong said...

Still listening to Inside the O'Briens, just have one more disc to listen to. I am going to miss that family! Also still reading Parlor Games by Maryla Biaggio. It is based on a real criminal. She was called the most dangerous woman in the world by the Pinkerton Agency!

Deb Krenzer said...

I just finished reading, at 4:30 this morning, the latest book by Michael Connolly. Boy was it a doozy! I had to read the part where they brought in the cop killer three times, because I just KNEW it was someone else!

Connolly has a new character in this book, Renee Ballard, a cop with smarts, experience and an attitude who has been "demoted" to the late show due to her "unfounded sexual harassment suit" which was not unfounded at all. While missing her usual job of seeing cases to the end, she holds on to one which puts her life at great risk. And, while looking at another one, puts her career in jeopardy.

I love this new character and can't wait to read more with her in the starring role.

Bev said...

I m reading Let me die in his footsteps for my book club that meets on Tuesday. If it wasn't for the discussion I would have tossed the book a hole ago. It s so slow