Sunday, August 20, 2017

Have You Heard? - Keeper of the Castle by Juliet Blackwell

Today, Sandie Herron reviews one of Juliet Blackwell's Haunted Home Renovation mysteries. Check out Keeper of the Castle. OF THE CASTLE
Haunted Home Renovation Mystery series #5
Written by Juliet Blackwell, Narrated by Xe Sands
Unabridged audiobook
Listening Length: 7 hours and 57 minutes
Publisher: Tantor Audio, Release Date: Dec 2, 2014

When I read that construction manager Mel Turner's boyfriend Graham was involved in the reconstruction of a Scottish castle in California, I knew Mel would be involved sooner or later.  Within the rising walls of the castle, construction workers were being scared away by a mysterious woman in red and chased by a knight in armor.  

Mel was called to visit the site because of her sensitivities to ghosts.  Since the site was in Marin county and a long commute from home in San Francisco, Mel was invited to stay over at the owner's plush mansion and retreat where he gave motivational talks and workshops.  

Mel discovered a beautiful but intensely sad female ghost in a round room.  Mel also witnessed a male Scottish ghost attacking or chasing anyone who approached.  When the knight saw Mel approach the woman, he began his chase but stopped when he realized Mel was not a man.  After long talks with many other witnesses and experts alike, Mel discovered what motivated the ghosts.  Avoidance of the round room quieted the ghosts immediately.   

Mel watched construction and made many helpful suggestions.  So many that when the current contractor left the job, Mel and Turner Construction were hired to take over.  This put Mel farther from home when trouble struck.  Could she go ahead with so many hands out-stretched to her?

I am immensely enjoying watching Mel grow and morph into the strong adult woman she already is but only now is she allowing her own opinion join with the others.  Her extended family also supports her.  New facets of her life are emerging, and some are disappearing; they all suit her.  

I read this title on audiobook so had the pleasure to listen to narrator Xe Sands further bring this story to life.  This series continues to delight.  Highly recommended.

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