Thursday, July 20, 2017

What Are You Reading?

Whatever I'm reading today, I'm reading on the plane as I fly back to Nashville from New York City. I've been on vacation for a week, spending time, as always, at Broadway shows, and visiting with a friend from Arizona.

So, you'll actually have to talk amongst yourselves, and I know you'll carry on the conversation. What are you reading or listening to today?


Jeffrey Meyerson said...

I hope our heat and humidity didn't ruin your trip, Lesa. But then, it's July and this is traditionally our hottest time of the year. In fact, historically most of our 100+ degree days (not even close to one this year so far, thankfully) have come in the July 7-24 period.

Anyway, what am I reading?

MATCHUP, edited by Lee Child. I'm finding this mashup of one male/one female author to be uneven, but I've enjoyed several of them (Charlaine Harris & Andrew Gross, Val McDermid & Peter James, Kathy Reichs & Lee Child) so far.

Also short stories, a library ebook download, is Joseph Heywood's second Woods Cop collection, HARDER GROUND, about game wardens in northern Michigan. I like these.

I read (very quickly once I got through the first 100 pages) Michael Connelly's THE LATE SHOW, which introduces a new series chasracter, presumably intended as a younger, female answer to Harry Bosch, Renee Ballard, another LAPD loner. Good one.

Still reading Shalom Auslander's memoir of growing up in the Orthodox Jewish community of Monsey, N.Y., FORESKIN'S LAMENT.

And I've started Linda Castillo's newest Kate Burkholder book, DOWN A DARK ROAD.

Sandie Herron said...

I'm reading Juliet Blackwell's newest in her haunted renovation series - A Ghostly Light - on audio. I always enjoy the narration by Xe Sands. When finished, I'll either go back to the Sookie Stackhouse series with #8 or find something new

Bill Crider said...

Been a bit under the weather this week and haven't done much reading. Last night I started the new Quarry novel by Max Allan Collins, QUARRY'S CLIMAX.

Karen Reittinger said...

Yesterday I finished reading ALL SYSTEMS RED by Martha Wells. This is one of the best books I've read this year. Now I'm reading a book that was given to me. NO MAN"S LAND by David Baldacci. Not a book I would have picked up on my own, but I'm liking it. :)

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

I read ALL SYSTEMS RED last week. It also has the benefit - so rare these days - of only being 150 pages long.

SandyG265 said...

I finished The Gargoyle Gets His Girl by Kristen Painter.

I'm reading Those Meddling Kids which is a cross between Scooby Doo and HP Lovecraft. I'm about halfway though so I'll finish it but it's definitely an only read once type of book.

Karen Reittinger said...

Jeff, I appreciated the length of ALL SYSTEMS RED as well. :)

Charlotte said...

Another week without finishing any books.

I didn't get to finish Magpie Murders. It was a ebook borrowed from the library and I ran out of days. I have put it on hold again and did the same with my library in town. Waiting to see which one comes available first.

Still reading Oregon Hill by Howard Owen. I had to renew it.,put it aside to read Magpie Murders
I Need a Lifeguard Everyday but the Pool by Lisa Scottoline & Francesca Serritella ( Lisa's daughter)
How Sweet the Sound by Deborah Heal

I have been watching Shetland on Netflix. The show is taken from the book or books of author Ann Cleeves. Anyone ever read any of her books? I haven't and I probably won't. I am enjoying the show, just don't think I would care to read her books.

Happy reading to everyone.

Nann said...

I read Patricia Harman's "The Runaway Midwife" in a day and a half. It was great! Now I'm reading "Woolly" by Ben Mezrich -- nonfiction about the attempt to clone a woolly mammoth. He is a very good writer.

Glen Davis said...

I read and ARC of The Devil's Triangle. I don't think I liked it as much as everyone else here seemed to like it though.

Deadfall by Linda Fairstein, which I didn't think much of at all.

Trap the Devil by Ben Coes, the newest in the Dewey Andreas series.

Subsequent Death by Aaron Kent, a weird sort of poetry book.

Antiques Con by Barbara Allen. Finally all caught up on this cozy series. Now to start on Penny Warner's works.

Lesa said...

Charlotte, I've read some of the Shetland books, but not the last few. I like them, but they're dark and atmospheric and I have to be in the mood.

I remember when all mysteries were 192 pages. I liked that number. The mysteries seemed to be tightly written, and I appreciated that length.

Thanks for talking books, everyone! Late arrival home followed by laundry. And, I'm working tomorrow, and have a dentist appointment. Probably should have taken one more day, but I hate to waste them when I could save them for trips.

Reine said...

I'm continuing my reading of the Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents of New France from 1632 - 1673. Fascinating. Historic. Mysterious. Troubling.

Also, I'm doing a lot of research for a recent writing project. I've found an online newspaper from France that has no visible English. I want to improve my reading ability in French, rather than the English translation, to better interpret the French/New France documents that I'm researching. It's fairly difficult, but I'm aiming for authenticity.

Gram said...

Thank you all. I now have All Systems Red on my library holds list. and I see that there is another in this series coming in 2018!

Patricia Stoltey said...

I'm reading Anything is Possible by Elizabeth Strout. Just started it this morning.

Carol N Wong said...

Listening to The Saboteur by Andrew Gross, great book, was in a blizzard last night on CD 5! Still reading The Fearless Benjamin Lay, getting repetitious and loving All She Left Behind by Jane Kirkpartick.

Lesa said...

Good luck, Reine! Ambitious.

Thanks, everyone! I might not have been around, but it was fun to come back and check on your reading. Thank you!

Reine said...

I'd like to add that without libraries and librarians my research would be impossible. Thank you to you and your colleagues, Lesa.