Monday, July 10, 2017

If the Haunting Fits, Wear It by Rose Pressey

Rose Pressey's latest Haunted Vintage Mystery, If the Haunting Fits, Wear It, is as frothy as the artwork on the cover. Put together vintage clothing and several ghosts, and the reader heads off for Kentucky Derby Week with Cookie Chanel, the amateur sleuth.

Cookie, owner of a vintage clothing boutique in Georgia, has been asked to supply vintage hats and clothing advice to Danielle Elston during Kentucky Derby Week. She packs up two ghosts and her cat, who is actually her Grandma Pearl who slipped into a cat's body during a seance. Although the B&B seems a little odd, it's a place to stay and make multiple wardrobe changes during the week. First up, the Derby luncheon. But, that's where Cookie finds the body of Danielle's jockey. Now, he wants her to find his killer. It's not easy to hunt for a murderer while trailed by three ghosts.

Cookie spends a great deal of time finding the proper outfit for each excursion, including searching for clues in the horse paddocks. The ghosts are a little help, though, warning her about the black truck that follows her, and keeping an eye out while Cookie snoops.But, their constant chattering is distracting, and leads her two suitors to wonder about her conversations.

Pressey's fifth book in the series has every trope of a cozy mystery. The amateur sleuth takes too many risks, tries to hide clues, and keeps information to herself. Even when she admits she's out of her element, she's proud of herself. There are ghosts and a cat that is possessed. Cookie is stringing along two men. Readers who enjoy vintage fashion may enjoy that aspect of the story. I just found If the Haunting Fits, Wear It to be a little over the top.

Rose Pressey's website is

If the Haunting Fits, Wear It by Rose Pressey. Kensington. 2017. ISBN 9781496705556 (paperback), 304p.

FTC Full Disclosure - I received the book to review for a journal.


Gram said...

Thanks for this review. I have so many books on my list that I try to only add ones that I think I will really enjoy. This does not sound like a keeper.

Anonymous said...

I was very interested to read your review. Love cats, not too much into fashion but really enjoy ones such as Juliet Blackwell's Witchcraft series in which I learn a bit about the history of clothes and fashion. So I tried one of the Haunted Vintage mysteries but I just did not get into the book. I finished it but haven't picked up another. And I don't want to hear the words "pencil skirt" ever again.


Lesa said...

You're welcome, Gram. I know. It just didn't work well for me.

Lesa said...

Jeanne, That cracks me up. I'm with you. Love Juliet's series. This one, not so much.