Monday, July 31, 2017

Book Chat - August Cozy Mysteries from Berkley

This is not my best book chat. In fact, when editing, I missed one of the titles. Fortunately, I have Jinx to blame. He was a little distracting this time. It always takes me a while to film this because he insists on sitting in front of the camera, purring away.

Here are the August releases, including the one I missed while editing.

Crowned and Dangerous by Rhys Bowen - 10th Royal Spyness Mystery (1st time in paperback)
Wrong Side of the Paw by Laurie Cass - 6th Bookmobile Cat Mystery
** - Missed - Addressed to Kill by Jean Flowers - 3rd Postmistress Mystery
Muffin to Fear by Victoria Hamilton (5th Merry Muffin Mystery)
A Tangled Yarn by Betty Hechtman (5th Yarn Retreat Mystery)
Chime and Punishment by Julianne Holmes (3rd Clock Shop Mystery)
Dressed to Confess by Diane Vallere (3rd Costume Shop Mystery)


Beth Hoffman said...

Jinx ... I just love him!

Lesa said...

He's so funny, Beth.

Kaye Barley said...

what Beth said <3

Lesa said...

That Jinx, Kaye. But, he doesn't compare with Harley.

Rhys Bowen said...

Lesa,you left out my new hardcover in the Royal Spynesd series, ON HET MAJESTY'S FRIGHTFULLY SECRET SERVICE. due out tomorrow

Lesa said...

Read it, Rhys. Reviewed it for Library Journal, and my review is coming up on my blog. Good luck with it!