Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Murder in Saint-Germain by Cara Black

Aimée Leduc has always had a busy, complicated life as a private investigator. But, this time, in Cara Black’s seventeenth book in the series, Murder in Saint-Germain, she has a complication she can’t ignore. It’s not so easy to walk away from an eight-month-old baby when you’re a single mother with a business that involves long hours and unexpected dangers.

Aimée is trying. She’s working on what should be an ordinary computer security job at the École de Beaux-Arts. But, a professor there has an urgent request and pays her under the table to check an email account. She knows her business partner, René, is going to be angry. Then she puts herself in danger when a friend calls in a favor. Suzanne has been delegated to a desk job after returning from Yugoslavia where she was hunting war criminals. But, she swears she saw a monster, a Serb who should be dead. And, she asks Aimée to look for him. It sounds as if it will be a simple task to watch video. It isn’t long, though, until members of Suzanne’s old team are showing up dead, and Aimée puts herself on the police radar. That’s not a good place for a single mother whose babysitter is on vacation.

It’s always fascinating to catch up with the history and politics in France through Aimée Leduc’s investigations in the 1990s. Readers can walk the streets of Paris, and see the city through Aimée’s eyes. But, it’s the personal details of Aimée’s life, the complications, that draw many readers back. She’s struggling with her life as a single mother, her relationship with the father. And, she’s struggling with her own feelings following the shooting of her godfather, Morbier. There’s guilt, anger, self-pity, a feeling of loss.

Whether you read Black’s books for Aimée Leduc’s adventures, Paris, or her personal life, or a combination of all three, the non-stop action in Murder in Saint-Germain will not disappoint.

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Murder in Saint-Germain by Cara Black. Soho Press. 2017. ISBN 9781616957704 (hardcover), 336p.

FTC Full Disclosure - I received the book to review for a journal.


Grace Koshida said...

Lesa, I love reading the Aimee Leduc books for all 3 reasons you mention. It is great to virtually travel with her to the different Paris neighbourhoods. Now that Aimee is a mother, it is interesting to see how she juggles both her personal and professional lives. And the continuing struggles Aimee has with unresolved issues involving her late father, mother and godfather Morbier makes her a very interesting protagonist. Looking forward to visiting the Saint-Germain area with this book.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

I keep thinking I need to go back and catch up with this series, but there are so many others... .

Lesa said...

I know, Jeff. And, I see there's a new Steven Havill Posadas County book coming out 11/7! So many favorites.

Lesa said...

Grace, I need to go back and read about some of those neighborhoods. Time! I need time!

Grace Koshida said...

Lesa: Yes, re-reading some of Cara's books is a good way to prepare for your Paris trip. I got hooked from book 1 since I had just come back from my Paris vacation in the same Marais neughbourhood.

Lesa said...

Time! I need more time, Grace.