Monday, May 29, 2017

Book Chat - Cozy Mysteries from Berkley

There's a motor in the background of this month's book chat. Believe it or not, that's Jinx purring. He just loves being the center of attention.

Here's the list of mysteries discussed in the book chat. Enjoy!

Lorna Barrett - Title Wave - 10th Booktown Mystery
                         A Just Clause - 11th Booktown Mystery - hardcover
Kate Carlisle - Once Upon a Spine - 10th Bibliophile Mystery - hardcover
Elizabeth Lynn Casey - Patterned After Death - 12th Southern Sewing Circle Mystery
Kate Collins - Yews with Caution - 18th Flower Shop Mystery
Kay Finch - The Black Cat Sees His Shadow - 3rd Bad Luck Cat Mystery
Victoria Laurie - A Grave Prediction - 14th Psychic Eye Mystery
Kylie Logan - French Fried - 2nd Ethnic Eats Mystery
Maggie Sefton - Knit to Be Tied - 14th Knitting Mystery
                           Only Skein Deep - 15th Knitting Mystery - hardcover

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Gram said...

So many good books for my t-b-r list. Thanks.