Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Have You Heard? Spellcasting in Silk by Juliet Blackwell

Once again, thanks to Sandie Herron for jumping in while I'm busy. I appreciate her reviews of audiobooks. Spellcasting in Silk
Written by Juliet Blackwell, Narrated by Xe Sands
Unabridged Audiobook, Listening Length: 8 hours
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Release Date: July 7, 2015

I very much enjoy Juliet Blackwell's books, either the renovation series or this Lily Ivory story of a young witch finding a place to belong in the world.  Her vintage clothing shop is jumping as patrons prepare for the Summer Festival of Love.  
In the midst of a very busy and happy time, San Francisco's police department's Carlos Ramirez calls Lily to serve as their informal assistant in cases involving paranormal circumstances.  He is currently trying to discover why a botanica shop's contents are flying around the shop and slowly destroying it in the process.  
At the same time, the SFPD are looking into a woman who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge to her death.  As Lily looks into this case, she finds it may be connected to the mysterious botanica where the owner has been arrested for possible connections to the dead woman as well as the fact that her young teen granddaughter is missing.
Only Lily can follow the wild theories that defy logic to find answers and the granddaughter, who will be hard to hold onto, since she is very much like a young Lily.  Powerful magic is used, but Lily and Sailor and Aidan team up to overcome them.
The mysteries were easy enough to follow when the author spelled out what she discovered.  Left to my own devices, I've never would have figured this out in my mind.  I very much enjoyed following Lily and her cohorts.
On a special note, I continue to thoroughly enjoy the narration of Xe Sands.  She brings the words to life without overdoing characters' voices or accents.  Yes, there are differences when she reads different characters, but they aren't overdone.  She's a woman, and reading a man's lines does not involve pushing her voice as low as possible.  Rather she uses a subtle accent or other device to make each character's voice their own.  Her melodious and clear voice brings life to the words and is a good part of the reason why I love listening to audiobooks.  The great writing and storylines of Juliet Blackwell are other big parts!  
Now I'm off to read another of her many fine books.  I think I'll jump to the renovation series this time..

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