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Have You Heard? - Ghouls Gone Wild by Victoria Laurie

Ghouls Gone Wild: A Ghost Hunter Mystery (

UNABRIDGED) by Victoria Laurie Narrated by Eileen StevensGhouls Gone Wild
Series:  Ghost Hunter mystery Book 4
Written by Victoria Laurie
Narrated by Eileen Stevens
Unabridged Audiobook
Listening Length: 10 hours and 22 minutes
Publisher: Audible Studios
Release Date: March 2, 2010
***** stars

In this fourth entry in Victoria Laurie's ghost buster series, the entire staff of the Ghoul Getters’ TV show spends some harrowing time in Scotland filming the first episode of their TV show.  MJ Holliday, Gilley Gillespie, and Heath Whitefeather are drawn there by a short video shot by a location scouting team showing a local man giving tours of caverns below the town near Edinburg. He demonstrates the strength of the paranormal energy by walking a puppy closer and closer to the opening of the caverns. The puppy becomes agitated and terrified as he nears the caverns. MJ is so upset after watching this that she vows to go to Scotland and find that dog and be certain he is taken care of after being so severely traumatized.

Years ago residents were dying from the bubonic plague.  The surrounding villages built barriers to hold the sick in and later set the village on fire.  Not only people cursed with the plague died but also any healthy people living there. Heath and MJ go into the caverns their first night to set up equipment only to find a real person lying dead in the tunnel, a maintenance worker there to change a light bulb.

At the beginning of filming, they can feel all the psychic energy in the caverns, so MJ asks any souls interested in moving on to knock on the walls. The thunderous sound that followed scared Gilley and the filming crew so much that they run away. This leaves Gopher, the producer of the show, to pick up the abandoned camera and continue taping. A shadowy figure of a woman on a large black broom flies by them so the remaining three call it a night.

MJ and team visit the murdered maintenance man’s neighbor on land that holds the ruins of a castle.  They notice that she also has a big black broom on her stoop. She fills them in on her seven sisters, since her oldest sister nursed the residents of the town before an angry mob chased them into the caverns where the fire was set. The oldest sister was so angry that she vowed to return every 100 years to kill any members of two families that led that mob, and one of them is the Gillespie family.

Gilley discovers that he is a direct descendant of those Gillespies.  He is hysterical with fear when he realizes the ghost is out to kill him specifically so covers himself with magnets that repel spirits. The ghost and three other shadowy figures on brooms are here 35 years before they are due, so someone must have summoned her early. Who, and why? MJ and Heath are overwhelmed several times by the sheer energy of the witch and other spirits.

I found myself tired and worn out after some of the busier scenes when they encountered so many ghosts or were so scared that people were running for their lives. MJ and Heath are truly challenged to solve the murder and catch the witches and help the grounded souls.  Gilley stands by MJ with his heavy load of magnets. It is together with Heath that they finally calm all those souls.

Sandie Herron

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