Thursday, March 02, 2017

April Treasures in My Closet - Part 2

Here's the second part of the list of forthcoming April releases. I hope there's something here that you want to read.

Jennifer McMahon leads off with Burntown. Ashford, Vermont appears to be a typical sleepy New England town, but to the shadowy residents who live among the remains of its abandoned mills and factories, it's known as Burntown. Eva Sandeski, known as Necco, has been part of this underworld for years since her father, Miles, drowned in a flood that left her and her mother, Lily, homeless. Miles was an inventor of machines, including one so secret that the plans were said to be stolen from Thomas Edison's workshop. According to Necco's mother, it's that machine that got her father murdered. Necco never believed that story, until her mother dies under mysterious circumstances, and then Necco's boyfriend is murdered. Now, she's on the run, and she must rely on the other Burntown outsiders to survive. (Release date is April 25.)

The Good Byline is Jill Orr's debut mystery. Riley Ellison is just stagnating in her library as a library assistant, moping through life after her grandfather died and her boyfriend broke up with her. So, she decides to change her life, signing up for an online dating service and reconnecting with her childhood best friend. But, she finds out Jordan, a reporter, committed suicide. But, Jordan's co-worker doesn't believe that, and convinces Riley to ask a few questions. (Release date is April 11.)

The Measure of the Moon is Lisa Preston's novel, part mystery, part domestic suspense. When eight-year-old Greer Donner stops a man from beating a woman, the man threatens him and his family. The young boy starts to fall apart. One hundred miles away, a woman with a troubled marriage tries to uncover the history behind an old man's Holocaust photo of boys in a forest. Then their path is entangled. Now, they both confront the power of harbored secrets. (Release date is April 18.)

Here's a fun premise. The Romance Reader's Guide to Life is by Sharon Pywell. After World War II, two sisters are trying to make their way in the world. Lilly is a beauty who juggles men. Neave is a bookworm who would rather read about love than experience it. When Lilly disappears, Neave must figure out not only what happened to her, but also if she's next. And, she does this with the help of her favorite pirate romance novel, the ghost of her childhood dog who is now a talking cross-dresser, and an unlikely love interest. (Release date is April 4.)

Lori Rader-Day, award-winning author of Little Pretty Things, now brings us The Day I Died. It's the story of a mother's desperate search for two lost boys. Anna Winger knows people better than they know themselves - from their handwriting. But when she's called to use her expertise on a ransom note left behind at a murder scene where she and her son recently moved. The crime gets under her skin, wondering if the boy was kidnapped by his own mother to save him from an abusive father. Anna did the same thing years earlier. Anna thinks bringing the boy and his mother home may be a terrible outcome. Then her son goes missing, too. Now, with two boys gone, her life is ripped apart. (Release date is April 11.)

If We Were Villains is M.L. Rio's debut. When Oliver Marks gets out of prison after ten years, for a murder he may or may not have committed, Detective Colborne is waiting for him. He put Oliver in prison, and now that he's retiring, he wants to know what really happened. Oliver was one of seven young actors studying Shakespeare at an elite arts college. He and his friends play the same roles on and off stage. But, when casting changes, and the secondary characters usurp the stars, the plays spill over into life, and one of them ends up dead. (Release date is April 11.)

It's always interesting to see what novelists do with the story of artists. Lisa Stromme's The Girl Between is the story of the love affair that inspired Edward Munch's The Scream, as told by the maid who hides secrets and a forbidden affair between an admiral's daughter and the artist. (Release date is April 11.)

The Witchfinder's Sister is a debut literary historical thriller by Beth Underdown. It's based on the devastating witch hunts in 1640s England in which Matthew Hopkins, the Witchfinder General, convinced more than a hundred women of witchcraft. Alice Hopkins returns to her brother's house in disgrace, husbandless and pregnant. Now, Alice bears witness to that witch hunt. (Release date is April 25.)

Eleanor Wasserberg's Foxlowe is the last book of the treasures, and it's a debut as well. Why would anyone want to leave Foxlowe? It meant family and home to a small ragtag group who lives under the watchful eye of their leader, Freya. She has rules for the secluded commune. For Green, the youngest, it's everything she knows. But the arrival of a baby girl named Blue upsets the precarious order at Foxlowe. Green has to face an agonizing choice. Blue's interest in the Outside grows irrepressible, and she starts to talk about becoming a Leaver. (Release date is April 4.)

I know which titles jump out at me. Do any of these books interest you?


Margie Bunting said...

I'm first in the library hold queue for The Day I Died, as I've enjoyed Lori Rader-Day's previous books and had the pleasure of meeting her at Left Coast Crime

Kay said...

I will read anything that Jennifer McMahon writes, so BURNTOWN is already on my list. As is Lori Rader-Day's book. Can't wait!

Lesa said...

I'm glad you're both waiting for Lori's book!