Wednesday, February 01, 2017

March Treasures in My Closet - Part 1

We're already talking about March books! Hard to believe isn't it? Are you ready to add some titles to your TBR list?

Let's start with a debut domestic thriller. In A Simple Favor by Darcey Bell, a single mother's life is turned upside down when her best friend vanishes. The woman knows all her secrets, which makes her dangerous. It's the story of a missing wife and mother, told by a rotating cast of unreliable narrators. (Release date is March 21.)

Rhys Bowen makes a departure from her series mysteries to bring us In Farleigh Field. It's inspired by the events and people of World War II. The war comes to Farleigh Field, the ancestral home of Lord Westerham and his five daughters when a soldier with a failed parachute falls to his death on the estate. An MI5 operative and family friend is asked to determine if the man was a German spy. He teams up with the middle daughter, Pamela, who has her own secret. She's taken a job at Bletchley Park, the British code-breaking facility. (Release date is March 1.)

The back cover of Taylor Brown's The River of Kings, says "Brown evokes a legendary place and its powerful hold on the human imagination, as two brothers journey down the iconic Altamaha River to learn its secrets - and confront their own demons - as they seek a resting place for their father." (Release date is March 21.)

The Bronx Kill by Philip Cioffari tells the story of five teenage friends who challenge each other to swim the East River from the Bronx to Queens. In the attempt, one boy drowns and the body of the only girl among them is never found. The three survivors vow never to speak about it again. But, five years later when they reunite, they find themselves at the mercy of the drowned boy's brother, an NYPD detective who blames them. Now, Danny, one of the survivors, fights to preserve his friendships and save the group from the detective's brand of vigilante justice. (Release date is March 10.)

Amy Hatvany's It Happens All the Time is a novel, a story of Amber Bryant and Tyler Hicks who have been best friends since they were teenagers, but Tyler has always harbored a desire to be more than friends. The summer after her college graduation, Amber spends more time with Tyler. Despite Amber's engagement, the two flirt, and one night, Amber kisses Tyler. It changes both of them forever. (Release date is March 28.)

It's London, 1842 in M.J. Carter's The Devil's Feast. The investigative team of Captain William Avery and Jeremiah Blake are entangled in a case involving political conflicts, personal vendettas, and England's first celebrity chef. London's newest and grandest gentleman's club is desperate to hush up a horrible death there, so they persuade Avery to investigate. But, his mentor, Blake, hasn't shown up. Where is he, and what if this first death is only a dress rehearsal for something more vicious? (Release date is March 28.)

Peter Heller, author of The Dog Stars, now brings us Celine, a novel of suspense. Celine is an elegant, aristocratic private eye who specializes in reuniting families. She has a better record of tracking missing persons than the FBI. But, when Gabriela asks for her help, it opens up a world of sorrow and mystery. Gabriela's father, a photographer, was assumed to have died on the border of Montana and Wyoming, the victim of mauling by a grizzly. But, his body was never found. When Celine and her partner head to Yellowstone National Park to investigate the cold case, they realize they are being followed. Someone wants to keep the case closed. (Release date is March 7.)

Kathy Hepinstall used her own mother as the basis for Polly Havens in her novel, The Book of Polly. It's the story of a mother-daughter relationship, the story of a ten-year-old girl, Willow Havens, who is determined to keep up with her aging, crazy-as-a-fox mother, and learn the truth of her family's long-secret past. (Release date is March 14.)

The Loving Husband by Christobel Kent is a psychological thriller. One night, Fran wakes to her baby's cry, and finds her husband, Nathan, missing. Searching through the dilapidated farmhouse, she makes a discovery that will upend her life. As she tries to discover what happened to Nathan, she grows more paranoid. But, the missing man isn't the only one hiding something. Fran has her own secret. (Release date is March 14.)

In Hari Kunzru's White Tears, two ambitious young musicians are drawn into the dark world of blues record collecting. It's a world of greed, envy, revenge, and exploitation. It's a ghost story, a murder mystery, a meditation on race, and a love letter to the forgotten geniuses of American music. (Release date is March 14.)

The only nonfiction list on today's list is Ariel Levy's memoir, The Rules Do Not Apply. When thirty-eight-year-old New Yorker writer Ariel Levy left for a reporting trip to New York, she was married, pregnant, financially secure, and successful on her own terms. A month later, none of that was true. (Release date is March 14.)

Is there anything here that appeals to you? If not, wait until part 2, tomorrow.


Lori's Reading Corner said...

I really enjoyed A Simple Favor. And I LOVED It Happens All The Time. I think it's her best book yet!

Kay said...

Some good ones here to anticipate. I'm looking forward to A SIMPLE FAVOR and I snagged IN FARLEIGH FIELD this morning as a Kindle First offering. Yay! I want to read IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME and I had a copy of THE LOVING HUSBAND that I ordered a while back from 'across the pond'. Read it this week and it was a bit of a mixed bag for me. I'll talk about it in my Saturday weekly post.

Lesa said...

Lori and Kay, Always good to hear your comments about what you've read (A Simple Favor, It Happens All the Time, The Loving Husband), and what you're anticipating. Thank you!

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

ooooh - some interesting stuff here! I have read It Happens all the Time and enjoyed it. I always enjoy Amy Hatvany. The Loving Husband and White Tears have earned a place on my list of titles to look into. Thanks, Lesa!!

Lesa said...

Always my pleasure, Kaye!

Reine said...

Lesa, I'm so glad you posted about In Farleigh Field. I hadn't heard about it and don't know how it slipped past me. I'm going to pre-order it. Thank you!

Gram said...

I have n Farleigh Field on my t-b-r list now. Thanks.

caryn said...

Celine and the River Kings are going on my list. I too already snagged Farleigh Field from Kindle First.

Lesa said...

Looks like In Farleigh Field is a hit suggestion. Enjoy!

Becky K. said...

"A Simple Favor" sounds like my kind of book! I first heard about it while browsing my recommendations on Goodreads today (not that I don't have stacks and stacks of TBR books already...).