Tuesday, December 27, 2016

January Cozy Mysteries from Berkley

Just a short list this month from Berkley. And, apologies to Cleo Coyle for calling the book by the wrong title, instead of Dead Cold Brew. But, it's right in the photo, and below! Happy reading everyone! May you enjoy wonderful books in 2017.

Here's the list of the books discussed.

Pop Goes the Murder - Kristi Abbott - 2nd Popcorn Shop Mystery
Dead Cold Brew - Cleo Coyle - 16th Coffeehouse Mystery
Better Off Thread - Amanda Lee - 10th Embroidery Mystery
Assault and Beret - Jenn McKinlay - 5th Hat Shop Mystery
Third Times a Crime - Diana Orgain - 3rd Love or Money Mystery
Telling Tails - Sofie Ryan - 4th Second Chance Cat Mystery


Beth Hoffman said...

Jinx is the perfect photobomb kitty... LOL!

Lesa said...

I hadn't thought of him that way, but he is, Beth! The minute it looks like I'm going to be filming, he's there!

David C said...

I saw that tail going at the beginning of the video, and heard his little kitty motor going there at the end. LOL Oh, Jinx!

Lesa said...

Jinx just loves to be featured in the videos.