Friday, December 23, 2016

Island of Glass by Nora Roberts

"Without those who will risk all to stand against evil, no world can flourish." That's not a spoiler for Nora Roberts' Island of Glass, the final book in her Guardians Trilogy. It's a summary of the story of six heroes who unite to return stars to the sky, and save the world from evil. This series was a little different, with its emphasis on magic and goddesses and evil, but Roberts, as always, manages to create unique characters, and bring couples together.

After their last battle with Nerezza, the hunt for the final star brings the six to Ireland, to the home of Bran Killian, the wizard. But, Bran's home stands on the land that once belong to Doyle's family. Now, it shelters the six heroes; the wizard, the seer, the time traveler, the mermaid, the immortal, and the lycan. And, it's here in Ireland that they realize they have a closer connection than any of them imagined. It's this connection that brought them together, and will help them in the battles with Nerezza and those who serve her.

As the group prepares for battle, the focus is on Riley and Doyle. They archaeologist/lycan and the immortal have long fought their attraction for each other. They're both dominant, strong personalities. But the final clues to their quest might not come together until the two realize how much they need each other.

If you loved the previous books in this series, you won't be disappointed in the conclusion. It's beautiful and triumphant, as you would expect. It's romantic and loving, as you expect from Nora Roberts. And, with it's setting in County Clare in Ireland, it's wild and gorgeous, and calls to me. I can see why it's the final setting for the Guardians Trilogy. Nora Roberts brings her heroes home in Island of Glass.

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Island of Glass by Nora Roberts. Berkley, 2016. ISBN 9780425280126 (paperback), 352p.

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Gram said...

I really enjoyed the first two book and was hoping to enjoy the third. I should have know that Nora Roberts never fails and also that she too loves Ireland. Thanks for the great review.

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Gram! And, I promise I didn't give anything away.