Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Dark Side of the Road by Simon R. Green

Simon R. Green's homage to Agatha Christie's mysteries isn't like any other tribute I've ever read. But, then, Green's urban fantasies are twisted and a little gruesome, and wonderful. Welcome to Ishmael Jones' world in the first mystery in that series, The Dark Side of the Road.

When Ishmael Jones' boss in The Organization, the Colonel, tells him he needs him at his family's country house estate in Cornwall, Ishmael heads out into a terrible blizzard. "Off into the night, and the dark, one more time. To do things in the shadows that the everyday people don't need to know about." But, when he arrives, he finds the Colonel's family and a few friends gathered fro Christmas. There's the Colonel's father, Walter Belcourt; Walter's current wife and gorgeous daughter, Penny; his ex-wife, Diana, who is the Colonel's mother; Diana's companion; a business acquaintance of Walter's, and Penny's ex-fiance. Of course, there is also a mysterious butler and a cook. But, there's no Colonel. When Ishmael and Penny find a body out in the snow, it's all to obvious that they're stranded in the country house with a killer.

In typical Christie fashion, the bodies pile up as the suspects persist in wandering off by themselves in the manor. However, the murders are a little more grisly than in traditional mysteries. But, it's easy to recognize the patterns, and Green plays with the reader. Ishmael and the Colonel once worked on a case involving Roger Styles, two names familiar to Christie fans. Of course, there's a military title, the Colonel. But, the most amusing correlation comes with a conversation between Walter's ex-wife and his present one. Diana starts with, "'I feel like a character in an Agatha Christie novel! Which is never good for a minor character...'" "'I am not a minor character!' Melanie said immediately. 'Walter; tell that woman I am not a minor character!'"

If you don't mind a little horror and supernatural elements in your mystery, if you're a fan of Agatha Christie, you might want to venture into Ishmael Jones territory, "the hidden world, and the dark side of the road". Simon R. Green has once again created an intriguing hero and a fascinating world in the first in his new series, The Dark Side of the Road.

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The Dark Side of the Road by Simon R. Green. Severn House. 2015. ISBN 9780727883889 (hardcover), 217p.

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Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Sounds worth a try. I've read his Nightside series, set in an alternate world under London, and a couple of his Eddie Drood books.

Lesa said...

I've read the Nightside books, have not yet tried the Eddie Drood books. Loved this one, Jeff!

SandyG265 said...

I've read a few books by Somin Green but am not familiar with this series.

Lesa said...

I hadn't been either, Sandy. This is the first, and I caught this one when the second came in. I'm picking that up next week.

Jacqueline Fiedler said...

Wow! This sounds like something I'd like. All you have to say is blizzard and country house and I'm there (well, only in a book.) Glad to know there's a second book, too. Thanks for your review!

Lesa said...

And, a third one, Jacqueline! The third is only on order for us, and I had to put a hold on the second one, but I'm happily waiting.

Finex Iron Pan said...

I love everything Simon R. Green writes and this was no exception. He introduces a new character to us and it was so fun and interesting to read. Much like an Agatha Christie mystery, we keep wondering who is killing people stranded by snow in this isolated mansion and the answer doesn't let down the reader nor does the plot and story.