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Love Literary Style by Karin Gillespie

I was captivated by the summary of Karin Gillespie's novel, Love Literary Style. Aaron Mite is a literary snob who meets Laurie Lee at a writers' colony, and thinks she's another literary novelist. When he realizes she an indie published romance writer, he's horrified. But, it's too late. He's already fallen for Laurie. Then, I met Gillespie's characters, and didn't fall for either of them. But, opposites do attract, and, in this case, they changed each other for the better. Even Laurie Lee would find the ending of the novel satisfying.

Aaron Mite is an adjunct professor at a university in Atlanta, putting in his time while writing novels. But, he can't win the approval of his father, a literary critic and professor who urges him to get his PhD, saying he can't write. Aaron's girlfriend, Emma, is the manager of a literary bookstore, and she belittles him and denigrates his writing. It isn't until he goes to a writers' colony that he meets someone who is excited about his future, Laurie Lee.

Laurie Lee has only been writing for six months, and she self-published her first romance. Recently widowed, she's basing her characters on herself. Her best friend isn't excited about Laurie's books, so she's amazed when she receives the only scholarship to a writer's colony. Once there, though, she has writer's block. But, a hot night with the charmingly disheveled Aaron could inspire Laurie's writing.

Gillespie introduces a cast of characters that it's easy to dislike. Aaron appears to be a wimp. Laurie is a ditz who can't stick to one idea. Aaron's father and girlfriend treat him terribly. It takes a skillful writer to turn some of the characters around. The reader will find themselves rooting for Aaron and Laurie, and, despite outward appearances, feeling for Aaron's father.

There are humorous scenes and moments throughout the book. Laurie might be a blond Southerner, but she's not typical. "Laurie was not one of those Southern women who picked at their grains of food like malnourished chickens; she had the appetite of a St. Bernard." As a library assistant, Laurie shows a great deal of ineptitude. She lacks a basic knowledge of popular authors, but it only adds to the humor in the story.

Looking for a story that pokes fun at the literary establishment while turning lives upside down? Try Karin Gillespie's Love Literary Style.

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Love Literary Style by Karin Gillespie. Henery Press. 2016. ISBN 9781635110852 (paperback), 280p.

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