Friday, November 11, 2016

Have You Heard? The Puzzles of Peter Duluth

I'm heading to New York City (Broadway!) this weekend, so Sandie Herron is filling in with a few Have You Heard? posts.

A note from the specialty publisher Crippen & Landru:

Dear Mystery Fan

Patrick Quentin's The Puzzles of Peter Duluth has received many positive comments, but none more noteworthy is Michael's Dirda's review in the Washington Post.  We thought that you might like to read what he said:

The Puzzles of Peter Duluth

"The Puzzles of Peter Duluth , by Patrick Quentin (Crippen & Landru). As one learns from Curtis Evans’s excellent introduction, Patrick Quentin was the pen name used by Richard Webb and Hugh Wheeler for nine mysteries written between 1932 and 1952, most notably the 1938 classic, 'Puzzle for Players' . . . .   After 1952 Wheeler produced seven additional Quentin novels on his own, but then, successfully, switched careers: He soon won a trio of Tonys for scripting the musicals 'A Little Night Music,' 'Candide' and 'Sweeney Todd'” All four stories here feature producer Peter Duluth and his actress wife, Iris. In the almost zany 'Puzzle for Poppy' the couple solve the attempted murder of a St. Bernard. This story and 'Death and the Rising Star' exhibit a distinctly 1940s breeziness, somewhat reminiscent of the 'Thin Man' movies, but the two novellas, 'Death Rides the Ski-Tow' and 'Murder With Flowers,' are, as Evans notes, more reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock thrillers."

The Purple Flame and Other Detective StoriesWe shall be making an announcement soon about our forthcoming "Lost Classic," Frederick Irving Anderson's The Purple Flame and Other Detective Stories, but you can see the cover design -- based on a 1935 photo of a New York street scene -- on our website

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Gram said...

I don't know where I read it, but I read Puzzle for Poppy years dogs and couldn't forget this one.

Lesa said...

Gram, I'm so glad you loved the book. That's nice to hear from someone who actually read it.

Clea Simon said...

Psyched that C&L are bringing back classics! thanks for letting us know!