Monday, October 31, 2016

November's Cozy Mysteries from Berkley Publishing

No Jinx today. When I did the book talk, he was laying in puddles of sunshine with the other cats. They're enjoying this week of 80 degrees, as am I. Unfortunately, probably our last one for months. But, Berkley Publishing has books to keep us occupied during the colder weather. Enjoy!

Here's the list of the twelve titles coming out on November 1.

The Good, the Bad, and the Guacamole - Rebecca Adler (2nd Taste of Texas mystery)
Twice Told Tail - Ali Brandon (6th Black Cat Bookshop mystery)
The Chocolate Falcon Fraud - Jo Anna Carl (15th Chocoholic mystery, 1st time in paperback)
The Chocolate Bunny Brouhaha - Jo Anna Carl (16th Chocoholic mystery, hardcover)
Deck the Hallways - Kate Carlisle (4th Fixer-Upper mystery)
We Wish You a Murderous Christmas - Vicki Delany (2nd Year-Round Christmas mystery)
Death at First Sight - Lena Gregory (1st Bay Island Psychic mystery)
A Killer Kebab - Susannah Hardy (3rd Greek to Me mystery)
Hooking for Trouble - Betty Hechtman (11th Crochet mystery)
A Likely Story - Jenn McKinlay (6th Library Lover's mystery, 1st time in paperback)
Better Late Than Never - Jenn McKinlay (7th Library Lover's mystery, hardcover)
Murder on St. Nicholas Avenue - Victoria Thompson (18th Gaslight mystery, 1st time in paperback)


Sandie Herron said...

Tell Jinx that he can't abdicate his role as blog cat, OK? We love seeing him.

As for all the books for November, I've heard that Shannon Esposito has a new Pet Psychic Mystery out on Kindle (oops, you don't include them, well, here's the rest FYI) FOR PETE'S SAKE.

You know me. If it's a mystery and has a cat in it, I'm likely to read it, but that doesn't make them all terrific!


Lesa said...

Hi Sandie, I'll tell Jinx that. Yesterday, the sun was just too appealing. I'm sure that won't be true in the next months.

These are only the Berkley cozies. They always arrive in a group, too late for Treasures in My Closet, so I do the separate post for them.

SandyG265 said...

I haven't even made a dent in my pile of October books yet. Too many books from the November list I want to read.

Lesa said...

Fortunately, Sandy, there are only 9 or 10 titles in my December Treasures in My Closet post for tomorrow. Publishing slows down, and then hits us big in January and February. You should see those stacks! Keep reading!

Rosemary said...

EIGHTY DEGREES! It's about 10C here in the daytime now - my cats scream the house down every time the heating goes off! they spend most of their time in their heated bed or their radiator seats. Sometimes I put the heating on when I'm not even cold, just to get a bit of peace :)

Lesa said...

Rosemary, I turn the heat down at night when I'm home so I can sleep comfortably, and up during the daytime so the cats are comfortable. All winter, I pay the heating bill so the cats are warm. Ah, what we do for our beloved cats.