Friday, September 02, 2016

Winners and Ancient History Mysteries

Congratulations to the winners of the last contest. Arsenic and Old Books will go to Julia H. of Excelsior, MN. Susan B. from Seattle, WA will receive Cat with a Clue. The books are going out in the mail today.

This week, I'm giving away mysteries involving the ancient world. Steven Saylor's Wrath of the Furies is set in 88 B.C., a team of war. Even in the relatively calm city of Alexandria, where a young Gordianus has been waiting out the chaos, there's been a coup and riots. Lured by a cryptic message, Gordianus and his beloved Bethesda travel to Ephesus. But the timing couldn't be worse as King Mithridates is planning to massacre all Romans in the city. It's a mystery featuring Roman sleuth Gordianus the Finder in his younger years.

Or, you could win Lindsey Davis' latest Flavia Albia novel, The Graveyard of the Hesperides. In first century Rome, Flavia Albia, the adopted daughter of Marcus Didius Falco has taken up her father's profession as an informer. She'd prefer investigations over wedding preparations, but her beloved, Manlius Faustus wants a big showy wedding. However, his contracting firm uncovers a body while renovating a rundown dive bar, the Garden of the Hesperides. And, then more and more remains are uncovered. Albia's investigation, while bringing her closer to the truth, puts her life in danger.

Which historical mystery would you like to win? You can enter to win both, but I need separate entries. Email me at Your subject heading should read either "Win Wrath of the Furies" or "Win The Graveyard." Please include your name and mailing address. The contest will end Thursday, Sept. 8 at 6 PM CT. Entries from the U.S. only, please.

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