Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sad Animal Facts by Brooke Barker

First, I need to tell you the short comments in Sad Animal Facts by Brooke Barker are not really sad.
They're unusual notes, with charming drawings by the author. But, you won't find yourself crying over these facts. Instead, you'll probably find yourself turning to the appendix that has a little more detail about each animal profiled.

Well, there are a few sad facts, but the quirkiness of the anecdotes makes up for it. Did you know "An alligator's brain weighs less than an Oreo?" The extended information says that a Double Stuff Oreo weighs as much as three alligator brains. "Adelie penguins push each other off ledges to see if the water's safe." I love the commentary that accompanies "Tigers don't make eye contact while they hunt." The author says, "Some people suggest making eye contact with a tiger if it's trying to attack you, but none of those people have been attacked by tigers so it's hard to say for sure it it's good advice."

Barker says she has been obsessed with animals since she was a child. Her stint as a reference librarian, in a slow job, only added to her interest. She passed the time by drawing animals on the backs of old card catalog slips at the request of co-workers who would try to stump her. Her obsession and her cute cartoons come together in this delightful book.

Sad Animal Facts may be catalogued in the library as adult nonfiction, but the third graders I read to are going to love it. What third grader can resist this one? "The ring-tailed lemur that smells the worst is in charge of the entire group." Just perfect for kids who enjoy odd facts. Just like Brooke Barker did as a child.

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Sad Animal Facts by Brooke Barker. Flatiron Books. 2016. ISBN 9781250095084 (hardcover), 213p.

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