Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Off to Bouchercon

Do you recognize this photo?

Depending what time of day you read this, I'm driving to Nashville, flying to New Orleans, or I'm already there for Bouchercon. This is the largest mystery convention in the country, for authors and fans. For me, it's a homecoming. Not New Orleans, but the mystery community. So many wonderful friends there. It's time to catch up with them. Beginning with my poor roommate, Kaye Wilkinson Barley, who has a cold. It's not fun being sick at a convention, as I know. And, a cold just means you're miserable longer than I was. I'm sorry, Kaye.

This year's theme is Blood on the Bayou. Some of my friends have so many activities planned, we may never see them at the conference.

I'm on one panel on Thursday, with a whole group of friends. We're talking about what we're looking forward to reading in the mystery field. And, on Friday, I'm working the registration desk for a couple hours. Other than those two responsibilities, I'm looking forward to visiting with friends, some good programs, and some good food.

In the meantime, I told Sandie Herron this was a good time for her to ask about writing some columns. Check in here for "Have You Heard?" And, once I have some pictures at Bouchercon, I'll share!

In the meantime, "Laissez les bon temps roulez!"


Anonymous said...

I would love to go to that some day. Have a great time in New Orleans. Have some beignets.

holdenj said...

Have fun!

Kay said...

Hoping you have a great, great time, Lesa! New Orleans is a wonderful city and lots of fun to visit. Yes, you guys will be torn between sightseeing and mystery-seeing. Good luck!!

Reine said...

Have a great time! We know you'll have some exceptional things to tell us about!