Saturday, September 10, 2016

Have You Heard?

It's hard to believe I've known Sandie Herron for about eighteen years now. We've never met, but she's been a great supporter of Lesa's Book Critiques. Actually, she's been a great support because I "met" Sandie years before I started the blog. When Sandie and I first "met", she was the owner of A Novel Idea bookstore in Sarasota, Florida, and I was the Authors Programming Chair for the Lee County Reading Festival. Sandie was kind enough to help me, suggesting authors, and, once she had their permission, giving me contact information so I could book Florida authors for the first Reading Festival. Sandie Herron's name opened a number of doors.

Sandie Herron

For a while, Sandie wrote a feature here called Sandie's Corner. She reviewed books, ones I didn't have time to get to, or ones that were more to her reading tastes than mine. It gave people another viewpoint.

Once again, Sandie is going to write a feature for the blog, covering areas I don't cover. She's still well-connected, and sometimes her piece will be about something in the crime fiction area, such as the piece that follows this introduction.

But, her main focus will be in an area that I don't review. Sandie now listens to many of the mysteries on audio. I'm not a big fan of audiobooks for myself because I find I can read the book so much faster than I listen to it. And, my commute to work is so short that I'd probably end up listening to a book for a month. So, Sandie's reviews will fill a niche for some readers who like to listen to audiobooks.

Sandie's posts will help me when I'm traveling, since I have a few trips coming up. And, she'll also surprise us once in a while with news from the crime writing community. We're going to call her posts, "Have You Heard?"

I'd like to introduce Sandie Herron, thank her, and introduce her first post.

Have you heard...?


Bill Crider said...

Welcome back, Sandie!

Lesa said...

It's good to have her back, Bill!

Sandie Herron said...

This is a lovely write up Lesa! Thank you so much for your generous thanks and for your excitement to have me around again! Reading is great fun, and more so when you can share with a friend. I love watching the videos you make which always star one of your kitties!

Thanks to you as well Bill Crider. We have been friends for what seems like the same 18 years that Lesa and I have been friends, since that goes back to when I owned A Novel Idea bookstore. Not only do we share a love of books but we often share the hijinks that our cats get into!

I have always said that if a book involves a mystery, a cat, or a humorous story, I'm there to read all about it. Oh, and I must say that we audiophiles call listening to a book "reading" a book, same as traditional readers do. I hope you don't get confused. All the books I "read" are unabridged so contain the same content as the printed book. The difference is the added dimension of having it read to you with a certain amount of role playing too. Plus you can never tell when the audiobook will be released; some come out at the same time as the print edition, but some come out many years later as technology catches up with an author or the series they write is successful enough to proceed to audio. I hope to have quite a variety of reviews for you. Sandie Herron

Kay said...

I remember Sandie and am glad she'll be writing again for us, Lesa. Great! I am a big audiobook listener. I always listened to some books, way back to the 'Books On Tape' times, but now...well, just know that the last 2 or 3 years, audiobooks have made up almost 50% of my book reading. We moved to the country and even going to the grocery store is a 15-20 minute drive for me. Plus I listen while I exercise or fold clothes or cook. I have enjoyed old favorites that I've already read in print and also new books that I have not read in print. And, Sandie, I consider it all 'reading'. I've found certain narrators that I really, really love (Simon Vance) and some that I avoid. So, I'll enjoy your posts. Good luck!!

Lesa said...

I consider it reading a book as well. And, it's great to be working with Sandie. I did have something weird happen, though, Sandie. I tried to post about this on Facebook, and, for the first time ever, they kicked out one of my posts. I did notify them, and say, huh? We're talking about books here! I haven't heard back, and don't know what the problem was. But, I did link to it on Twitter. Thanks, again, Sandie. I'm going to use the first of your audiobook reviews on Monday.