Saturday, August 13, 2016

Deadly Fate by Heather Graham

More than any of the other Krewe of Hunters novels that I've read, Heather Graham's Deadly Fate feels as if it's a continuation. There's a group of four characters who return from the previous book, Haunted Destiny. Readers really should read the earlier story about a haunted ship in the Caribbean before taking the latest trip with Graham, this time to Alaska.

Thor Erikson, an FBI agent, was once partners with Jackson Crow as the two tracked the "Fairy Tale Killer". They caught him, sent him to prison, but were not able to save his last victim. Now, Mandy Brandt appears to Thor in his dreams. When Thor learns the killer has escaped from prison, he knows Mandy's appearance was a warning. And, Jackson Crow, who has moved on to head up a special unit, the Krewe of Hunters, shows up at a new crime scene. Jackson has also seen Mandy.

Although the FBI are looking for Tate Morley, the Fairy Tale Killer, they have a new killer on the hands. Someone is killing members of a TV reality production team. It's only when Thor and Jackson head to Black Bear Island to interview remaining members of the crew that they learn there's also an acting troupe from the cruise ship, Fate, on the island. Jackson met all four of them on an assignment in New Orleans. Now, Clare Avery and her three co-stars in a Broadway-style show on the ship are victims of an outrageous reality show prank. Thor and Jackson are just worried that someone will become another victim of a serial killer.

The cast of characters is stuck on an isolated island in Alaska with a serial killer, a locked-room atmospheric book. The story is intense from the very beginning as the FBI agents hunt first one killer, and then another, who are preying on attractive young women. Graham's Krewe of Hunters books always involve creepy plots with weird villains. That makes sense. The FBI wouldn't be called in, and ghosts wouldn't come into play in the stories if there wasn't violent death and tragedy. But, readers can always count on courageous characters, men and women, helpful ghosts, and atmospheric settings. Deadly Fate is another compelling page-turner in the intriguing, best-selling series.

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Deadly Fate by Heather Graham. MIRA. 2016. ISBN 9780778330127 (hardcover), 313p.

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