Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Speaking of Murder by Les Roberts with Dan S. Kennedy

I've been a fan of Les Roberts' Milan Jacovich mysteries for years. They're set in Cleveland, and it's evident from the details about the city that Roberts loves Cleveland. And, Milan will remind mystery readers of Robert B. Parker's Spenser. It's been fascinating to watch the changes in Milan over the years. Now, Roberts utilizes Dan S. Kennedy's expertise to bring a motivational conference to town.
Speaking of Murder is a mystery, but that conference is perfect fodder for dry humor.

Jacovich has a two-person security company with a younger employee, Kevin O'Bannion, K.O. They're hired to provide extra security at the Renaissance Hotel while VIP motivational speakers are in town. But once a top-rated speaker is killed, Milan and K.O. are out of a job. And, then Victor Gaimari, godfather of the Greater Cleveland Mafia hires them. He and Milan have a history going way back. But Victor has interests to protect, and he wants Milan asking a few questions.

Milan and K.O. aren't investigating the murder. That's up to Milan's significant other, homicide detective sergeant Tobe Blaine. But, they have a full cast of characters to talk to. There's the television doctor with the trophy wife, the talk show host who has a laundry list of people she puts down on her radio show, the actress who now talks about her reincarnations. Milan and K.O. have a number of people to antagonize.

Milan and K.O. take turns talking about the investigation. It's fascinating to hear the viewpoints. Milan is an aging investigator, streetwise, and with an edge. K.O. is thirty years younger, a man who did three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has an attitude. He's good at what he does, but he's quick to anger. "Whatever he said aloud was either sarcastic or angry - or both."  Roberts is astute in giving Milan a younger assistant, a different viewpoint.

Speaking of Murder has dry humor, a little politics, an interesting mystery. The portrayals of the motivational speakers is spot-on. And, for me, the book still has that special love of Cleveland.

Les Roberts' website is www.lesroberts.com

Speaking of Murder by Les Roberts. Gray & Company, Publishers. 2016. ISBN 9781938441844 (hardcover), 257p.

FTC Full Disclosure - The publisher sent me a copy of the book, hoping I would review it.

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