Monday, July 25, 2016

Other Blogs and Tributes to Great Mystery Authors

I'm interrupting my regular blogging to link to several blogs that are important to me right now. Many of you may already know the news about author Bill Crider. He shared the news of his cancer on his own site, Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine. Here's the link: 

Bill's not going to be able to tour for his August Sheriff Dan Rhodes mystery, Survivors Will Be Shot Again. Please keep his book in mind as you plan your August purchases.

For a wonderful tribute to Bill Crider, please check out Janet Rudolph's website, Mystery Fanfare.

In recent weeks, I've had fun posting "Every Summer Has a Story", on The Poisoned Pen's blog. Those were posts by authors in which they picked three to five crime fiction titles to recommend for summer reading. This past weekend, Carolyn Hart had two posts that were perfect with that theme. The Mystery Writers of America Grand Master wrote a lengthy piece in which she picked some of her favorite clever mysteries. It's always an honor to post one of Carolyn's pieces. I admire her knowledge of the mystery field. If you'd like to check out the two-part piece, go to, and then click on Blog.


If I hadn't wanted to share the news about Bill Crider, and ask for prayers or good wishes for him, I never would have mentioned all of these sites. Many of you know my husband died six years ago from cancer. Let's send all our support for Bill. We need miracles in life, and he needs our support.

Thank you.


Aubrey Hamilton said...

Thank you for the links, Lesa.

Grace Koshida said...

Yes, I saw blog posts yesterday from Lee Goldberg and Janet Rudolph about Bill's declining health. I have also shared those posts asking everyone to send positive thoughts and prayers to Bill. Thanks for sharing Bill's own web site and other blog links today.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Thanks for the piece about Bill, Lesa. I've known Bill for almost 40 years (!), and first met him in person at the 1980 Washington Bouchercon. He and his late wife Judy have been in my (last two) home[s}. We got to take them all over New York after the Edgars in 2007, from their hotel on 42 Street all the way down to Ground Zero at the WTC site. I was grateful that Bill dedicated a Sheriff Rhodes book to me (Red, White, and Blue Murder) and I have dozens of his books, read and inscribed. (I've read 64 of his books to date, including the ghostwritten ones.)

I consider Bill a very close friend and this has been a shock and a horror, especially after what he went through with Judy's last few years. I hope everyone who knows Bill through his books and/or his blog will take a little time to add him to your thoughts and prayers this week.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Sandi and I have been devastated by this news. While I have never met him in person, Bill has been a rock for me during Sandi's fight against terminal cancer. So much of what we have gone through in recent years has mirrored their experiences and he graciously shared those with me.

Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. We are hoping that the news will be better soon.

Deb said...

It just didn't feel right this morning, opening Bill's blog and not seeing his usual mix of book recommendations, movie reviews, personal anecdotes, links to weird and amusing news stories, and a carefully-curated Song of the Day (always a great feature). I've never met Bill, but in his writing (fiction and otherwise), he shows himself as a humane, thoughtful, decent person--one of the good guys--and it's such a damn shame that this comes up and bites him just a couple of years since he lost his wife to cancer. Just a rotten situation all round!

Lesa said...

Thank you, everyone, for all of your comments and kind words. It seems as if we should be able to do more, but all we can do is pray and send good thoughts. It's tough right now, but I can't imagine how tough it was for Bill to have to write that post on his site.

Susan said...

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Sending you best wishes, Bill!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Make sure you check with your doctor and that you are not allergic, Bill. For my wife one dose would be fatal. They found that out while trying a chemo drug on her that contained this stuff. We know several other patients that tried it without checking with the doctor first and wound up in the hospital.

Lesa said...

Thanks, everyone. Bill may not read this, but I'm sure he understands how much people care.