Thursday, July 28, 2016

Once Upon a Wine by Beth Kendrick

Who doesn't need a book to make you smile and laugh right now? Beth Kendrick's novels always make me smile. They feature strong women, witty conversations, and romance. And, you won't find any harder-working woman than Cammie Breyer in Kendrick's latest book, Once Upon a Wine.

Cammie had dreams. Her dreams at twenty-two would lead her to California to open a restaurant. She left behind Ian, the farmer who loved her, but also loved the farm that had been in his family for generations. Seven years later, when her cousin, Kat, calls, her restaurant is gone, she's broke, and she comes home. Her aunt, Ginger, bought a vineyard in Black Dog Bay, Delaware, and needs the help of family.

None of these three women know anything about growing grapes to make wine. When Ginger overcame cancer, she cashed in her retirement and bought her dream, a vineyard. Kat, a professional skateboarder, hasn't told her mother or cousin that she is taking a break from her marriage. She's going through a personal crisis, and doesn't know what she wants in life. And, Cammie? She's without an apartment or a job. So, she's determined to make the shabby-looking vineyard profitable. Cammie knows a farmer who might give her advice.

Kendrick's stories are always romantic and fun. The women are strong and hard-working. And, there's always an adorable dog. Jacques, the French bulldog, was a former champion turned farm dog. Like all the women he lives with, he has to change his life. And, Jacques is the first one to accept the change with joy and alacrity. He not only symbolizes the changes, he comes to symbolize the entire vineyard.

Witty conversation, humor, a cute dog. And, for those who don't know Black Dog Bay, "Black Dog Bay is the 'best place in America to bounce back from your breakup'." Once Upon a Wine is all about bouncing back in life. It's fun. It's joyful. It's perfect for this summer.

Beth Kendrick's website is

Once Upon a Wine by Beth Kendrick. New American Library. 2016. ISBN 9780451474193 (paperback), 324p.

FTC Full Disclosure - I received the book to participate in a book tour, with no promises for a positive review.

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