Friday, June 03, 2016

Book Chat - Jinx and Cozy Mysteries

Well, Jinx has his cameo right at the beginning of this month's book chat, so those of you who are only watching for him don't need to watch the entire video. I hope you do, though. There are wonderful authors on this month's list of June mysteries from Penguin Random House's Berkley Prime Crime and Obsidian.

And, here's the list of those mysteries, June 7th releases.

Murder, Handcrafted - Isabella Alan - 5th Amish Quilt Shop Mystery
Title Wave - Lorna Barrett - 10th Booktown Mystery
Eclair and Present Danger - Lorna Barrett - 1st Emergency Dessert Squad Mystery
Books of a Feather - Kate Carlisle - 10th Bibliophile Mystery
Murder at Fontainebleau - Amanda Carmack - 5th Elizabethan Mystery
Dead End Street - Sheila Connolly - 7th Museum Mystery
The Diva Serves High Tea - Krista Davis - 10th Domestic Diva Mystery
The Black Cat Knocks on Wood - Kay Finch - 2nd Bad Luck Cat Mystery
A Golden Cage - Shelley Freydont - 2nd Newport Gilded Age Mystery
A Premonition of Murder - Mary Kennedy - 3rd Dream Club Mystery
Sense of Deception - Victoria Laurie - 13th Psychic Eye Mystery (1st time in paperback)
The Calamity Cafe - Gayle Leeson - 1st Down South Cafe Mystery
A Shattering Crime - Jennifer McAndrews - 3rd Stained-Glass Mystery
Purl Up and Die - Maggie Sefton - 13th Knitting Mystery (1st time in paperback)
Knit to Be Tied - Maggie Sefton - 14th Knitting Mystery (hardcover)


SandyG265 said...

I already have half of these either on order from Amazon or on hold from the library. I'm hoping all the library ones don't come on the same day.

Lesa said...

Oh, the library ones will come on the same day, Sandy. You're probably #1 on the list, and they come out next Tuesday. (smile)