Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cat Shaming by Pedro Andrade

You may have seen Pascale Lemire's website or book, Dog Shaming. Now Pedro Andrade follows with a book of photos called Cat Shaming in which cat owners illustrate the misdeeds of their cats. It's not the same. And, it's not the same for one simple reason: cats are not ashamed of anything they do.

Unlike those photos in which dogs actually look upset that they upset their human, there isn't a cat in this book who looks as if their antics are out-of-line. A few of them actually look proud of their behavior. And, there's a sense that most of the cats will continue to act, well, like cats. I have one cat who shreds toilet paper and paper towels. The same cat chewed cords. He outgrew the cords. I still have to keep toilet paper in a drawer or it will be shredded. He's also the one who turned into a Tasmanian Devil when one vet handled him, and made me into a liar when I warned a second vet about him. He was as cuddly and sweet as possible. Ah, Josh.

The cats are photographed with signs in front of them saying things like, "I ate my owner's dessert when she was taking a cat-shaming photo of the other cat." "I chewed through the power cords of two White House-owned laptops." "I thought you'd get hungry at work so I packed a mouse in your shoe."

Cat lovers will find a collection of pictures of cute cats. But, honestly? They're just cats being cats, and not one of them appears to be guilty. Cat Shaming does nothing to make a cat ashamed.

Pedro Andrade's blog is at http://cat-shaming.tumblr.com

Cat Shaming by Pedro Andrade. Andrews McMeel Publishing. 2016. ISBN 9781449478391 (paperback).

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Reine said...

My cats have always kept me in line. They have never been above other methods of influencing my behavior but almost always opt for shaming first.

She-She, though, doesn't bother with shaming. If I'm not out of bed when it's her breakfast time, She jumps onto my chest and does pumps with all four feet. Then when I open my eyes she looks at me like she's relieved that I'm alive and yowls so the whole world will know I am okay.

Lesa said...

Reine, That's so funny. I love She-She's reaction when she knows you're OK. And, you're right. It's much more likely that the cat will shame us than the other way around.