Thursday, April 28, 2016

Extreme Prey by John Sandford

I was late coming to John Sandford's Prey books, but I'm totally hooked. I'm not going back in this series since I know what happened with Lucas Davenport's career, but I've enjoyed the ones I've read. And, Sandford's latest, Extreme Prey, is perfect for an election year.

Lucas Davenport is no longer a cop. He resigned from Minnesota's Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. But, when the governor, Elmer Henderson, calls, Lucas is quick to answer. His wife knows he's going stir-crazy. And, he can see himself coming back to a job with a badge under the right circumstances. This time, he doesn't have a badge, but Henderson needs his help. The governor wants to be vice-president, but he's running for president in order to get his name in front of the presidential candidate. Michaela Bowden is the leading candidate on the Democratic side. But, Henderson is a little uneasy. He's had contact with a couple people who worry him, people who seem to be threatening Bowden. She won't take it seriously, but Davenport does.

Lucas Davenport crisscrosses Iowa, and discovers there are a lot of political nuts out there. And, someone is killing them off, targeting the ones that seem willing to talk. With each death, Lucas grows a little more worried. And, the Iowa State Fair is getting closer with a presidential candidate determined to acknowledge the voters by showing up where it's harder to protect her.

Sandford's latest book is timely, and fascinating. While Davenport fumbles for answers, the reader knows who the killers are. For much of the book, Lucas suspects one political group, but misses the real culprits. As he gets closer, he becomes a target, a big target who has exposed himself to all the suspects. But, Davenport has more than his intelligence and experience going for him. He has friends he can count on.

Extreme Prey is witty, fast-paced, and timely. It's a riveting story, just perfect for this election year.

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Extreme Prey by John Sandford. G.P. Putnam's Sons. 2016. ISBN 9780399176050 (hardcover), 406p.

FTC Full Disclosure - The publisher sent me a copy of the book, hoping I would review it.

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