Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Book Chat - April's Cozy Mysteries from Penguin's Berkley Prime Crime & Obsidian

Just a glimpse of Josh this month. Jinx was there for a second, but didn't stay. I hope you enjoy the book chat without cats!

Here are this month's titles.

Breach of Crust - Ellery Adams (5th Charmed Pie Shoppe Mystery)
Bittersweet - Susan Wittig Albert (23rd China Bayles Mystery, 1st time in paperback)
A Clue in the Stew - Connie Archer (5th Soup Lover's Mystery)
Braking for Bodies - Duffy Brown (2nd Cycle Path Mystery)
Killer Takeout - Lucy Burdette (7th Key West Food Critic Mystery)
Fat Cat Takes the Cake - Janet Cantrell (3rd Fat Cat Mystery)
Needle and Dread - Elizabeth Lynn Casey (11th Southern Sewing Circle Mystery)
Moss Hysteria - Kate Collins (18th Flower Shop Mystery)
An Unhappy Medium - Dawn Eastman (4th Family Fortune Mystery)
Crime and Poetry - Amanda Flower (1st Magical Bookshop Mystery)
Rest in Peach - Susan Furlong (2nd Georgia Peach Mystery)
Reading Up a Storm - Eva Gates (3rd Lighthouse Library Mystery)
Vanilla Beaned - Jenn McKinlay (8th Cupcake Bakery Mystery)


Kay said...

What a nice crop of new cozies this month, Lesa! I can't believe some of these series have been going on for such a long time. Wonderful!

Lesa said...

It is, Kay, especially at a time when we see some of the authors losing contracts and/or series.

SandyG265 said...

There are too many books that I want to read coming out next month. I already have several of them either on order from Amazon or on hold at the library.

Mark Baker said...

Funny this should come up today. I'm about to start reading Killer Takeout, the first of the Berkley books I'm reading and reviewing this month.

Lesa said...

Sorry about that TBR pile, Sandy, but I'm always in the same boat! Good luck!

Lesa said...

Perfect timing, Mark! Enjoy it!

Duffy Brown said...

Thanks for chatting about Braking for Bodies. Never a dull moment on Mackinac Island.

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Duffy! Good luck with it.

Duffy Brown said...

Thanks, Lesa!! :-)

Bonnie K. said...

Happy to see that caption is available in this video. It's the first time that I checked to see if it was available. It's great for people like me who are hearing-impaired. Thank you! Many of these cozy mystery looks good to me.