Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Hidden by Heather Graham

Heather Graham continues her riveting Krewe of Hunters series with The Hidden. Although the book has some of the same characters asThe Forgotten, readers who have read the previous book can pick this one up. It can stand alone. But, why wouldn't you want to go back and meet the elite FBI agents, the men and women of the Krewe of Hunters?

Scarlet Barlow is one woman who ran from one of those FBI agents. After her divorce from Diego McCullough, she headed to Colorado. There, she's using her knowledge as a historian and archaeologist to tell the stories of the Conway Ranch. The ranch was once owned by Nathan Kendall and his wife, right after the Civil War, and the two were murdered there. Now, Kendalls are once again running the ranch, with Scarlet as their historian in residence. But, Scarlet's accidental pictures of two murder victims, and the discovery of two victims who appear to resemble those pictures, puts her under suspicion. Her call to Diego for help is timely, because she seems to attract ghosts of murder victims, all members of the Kendall family.

The Krewe of Hunters was formed by Adam Harrison. It's an elite group of FBI agents whose purpose is to investigate when strange and otherworldly elements are linked to a crime. They operate independently, so Scarlet's call for help brings Diego, and an entire team, to Estes Park, Colorado. The beauty of the area is matched only by the evil plans of a killer.

Once again, Heather Graham manages to tie together the paranormal, history, suspense, and romance. The Krewe of Hunters books are particularly appealing because of that combination of paranormal and history. It seems logical for the two elements to blend. Graham says, "History isn't so much a list of dates and times as it is the tales of those who came before us, their failures and their triumphs, and their place in the time that led us to our world today." The author uses that history beautifully,  along with the stories of people who made that history.

The Hidden is a compelling story for those of us who appreciate how history comes alive through the people and their lives, including their deaths.

Heather Graham's website is www.theoriginalheathergraham.com

The Hidden by Heather Graham. MIRA. 2015. ISBN 9780778318583 (hardcover), 301p.

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Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Needless to say, Jackie has this one on her shelf, along with THE SILENCED and THE FORGOTTEN.

Jeff M.

Lesa said...

Tell Jackie they're worth reading!