Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Fury by Shane Gericke

In the seventh edition of Genreflecting, Andrew Smith said, "Thrillers are about power - who doesn't have it, whose misusing it, and what it will cost to restore some kind of balance to the world." That explanation definitely fits Shane Gericke's latest thriller,The Fury. And, Gericke himself analyzes fury and the Furies, discussing violent anger and rage, the Furies who punished criminals, and a woman who is fierce and angry. Gericke's The Fury shows there's no force as strong as an angry woman, determined to seek revenge.

In a thriller, the stage is much larger than in the traditional mysteries I normally read. The Fury's stage encompasses the world, and goes back to World War II and the Cold War. But it begins with one couple, Derek and Superstition Davis. When Derek is killed by a Mexican drug cartel, his wife goes crazy. And, the federal government can use a crazy police officer.

During the Second World War, both the Nazis, the Japanese and the Americans were all trying to develop nerve gas to kill large populations. Poison gas was just the beginning. When the war ended, the gas was still there, but during the Cold War, the United States buried the obsolete munitions in the ocean. Now, following the explosion of an oil rig, the crew sent to cap the link discover those buried gas tanks. And, gas tanks will make wonderful ammunition for Mexican cartels. When the U.S. government discovers that a cartel has the tanks, people at the highest level decide they can use one angry, crazed police officer as their weapon. Superstition Davis may be their best defensive weapon as they try to prevent the deaths of millions.

Gericke's The Fury is a violent, graphic thriller from start to finish. It's a complex story with a large cast of characters, spanning years and various countries. However, the author skillfully weaves together all the characters and storylines. The Fury brings together members of the drug cartel, the Chicago police, the FBI, the CIA, prisoners, and numerous characters who make one or two appearances before their death. As the book incorporates historical elements and characters from World War II, it shows that man hasn't changed over the years in his search for power, and the ways to destroy others. Gericke's novel, with its connection to actual events, is too scary.

Gericke has always created strong women, but Superstition Davis is an unrivaled force. The reader is immediately on her side, rooting for her to succeed in whatever war she takes on to avenge her husband's death. She's bright, quick, strong, and determined.

Gericke's latest thriller is a story with non-stop action, complicated characters, and, of course, power. And, the best part of the book is The Fury herself, Superstition Davis.

Shane Gericke's website is

The Fury by Shane Gericke. Tantor Media. 2015. ISBN 9781630150037 (paperback), 360p.

FTC Full Disclosure - The publisher sent me a copy of the book, hoping I would review it.


Kaye Barley said...

I was already looking forward to reading this - now I'm really looking forward to it! Thanks, Lesa! Terrific review.

Lesa said...

Thank you, Kaye. I'll be interested to see your reaction. Much more violent than what I normally read.

Kaye Barley said...

I have to admit to skipping over a good deal of violence in my reading. Sort of like covering my eyes during a movie.

Lesa said...

Me, too, Kaye, and I skipped some in this book.