Friday, August 14, 2015

Winners and a Twister Giveaway

Congratulations to the winners of the Ann Cleeves giveaway. Dead Water will be going to Mona B. from Fort Worth, TX, and Donna S. from Milford, CT will receive Silent Voices. The books will go out in the mail tomorrow.

Although tornadoes can happen any time, the dates for tornado season this year are over. That doesn't mean I can't give away books that feature tornadoes, mysteries by two favorite authors. Hell with the Lid Blown Off is an Alafair Tucker mystery by Donis Casey. If you haven't yet discovered this series featuring a ranch wife in early twentieth century Oklahoma, now's the perfect time. In the summer of 1916, a big twister cuts a path of destruction through Boynton, Oklahoma. Alafair's family and friends are not spared, but no one is going to mourn for dead Jubal Beldon. Then, it's discovered that Jubal was already dead when the twister hit, murdered. And, Alafair fears the killer is someone she knows well.

Or, what about a tornado in Ohio's Amish country? Linda Castillo brings us After the Storm. When a tornado hits Painters Mill, it brings death and destruction in a trailer park. However, Police Chief Kate Burkholder also has to deal with the body uncovered when a group of scouts are cleaning up an Amish farm after the tornado. It's a powerful story mixed together by strong forces.

Which mystery would you like to win? You can enter to win both, but I need separate entries. Email me at I'll make it easy this time. Your subject heading should read either "Win Casey" or "Win Castillo." Please include your name and mailing address. Entries from the U.S. only, please. The contest will end Thursday, Aug. 20 at 6 PM CT.


Kay said...

I'm not entering the contest, but let me say that Hell With The Lid Blown Off is wonderful. And I also love Linda Castillo's books, but just haven't gotten to this new one yet. Soon, soon. Living all my life in tornado country - well, those storms can certainly wreck a bunch of things. Big blows indeed.

Lesa said...

Two terrific books, Kay. You're right. They can wreck a bunch of things.

Anonymous said...

I want to read the latest Linda Castillo novel. It's such a great series, and the characters really grow on you. But... I've had my fill of tornadoes for a looooong time!!! -Becky K.

Lesa said...

Oh, Becky. I know what you just went through. I'm sorry.