Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Family Trip to NYC - Day 1

New York City! Again! But, this time, it was a Mom & sisters week. We'll always treasure the memories of this trip.

I picked up both my sisters on a Sunday, drove to Mom's, and then the four of us drove to Akron to stay overnight since our plane to NYC left early on Monday morning. Well, we thought it would leave early, but it was raining in New York, so there was an hour delay leaving Akron. But, Southwest is great. Although we didn't leave the plane, people were allowed to disembark if they wanted to get off. It was a nice smooth flight to New York once we left the ground. And, we were at the hotel by noon. Very pleased with the Hilton Garden Inn on 48th and 8th. It's the perfect location for all the walking we did every day. And, it's just a quick walk to Broadway. That was great, because we had quite a bit of rain, but we didn't let it stop us.

After taking them by some of the Broadway theaters, we went to the New York Public Library. I was disappointed that the Reading Room was closed for renovation. But, we posed with one of the lions. And, since we all worked at a library at one time, that was appropriate.

Christie, Mom, and Linda

Even in the rain, we walked up Fifth Avenue, ending first at F.A.O. Schwarz. My sisters wanted to see the store, and I wanted to see the piano fro Big.

Mom leaving F.A.O. Schwarz

We started this trip saying we each got to pick three things we wanted to see. Christie picked St. Patrick's Cathedral as one of hers.

And, then we walked over to Radio City Music Hall.

Christie and Mom

We spent a little time in Times Square, and then ended the day at Pigalle, the restaurant attached to our hotel. A little tired from a full day.


Clea Simon said...

We've stayed at that hotel - it is convenient, clean and QUIET, and Pigalle is great. Don't know if this is your thing, but one night, we stopped in for a nightcap at the bar... it felt very French. So glad you got to do the sights with family!

Kaye Barley said...

You do the most delightful things with your wonderful family, and I feel like I'm getting to know them all.

Thanks so much for sharing your trips with us. Great piece and terrific pics!!!


Lesa said...

Terrific hotel, isn't it, Clea? Yes, Linda and I kept meaning to stop in, but it never quite worked out for us. We did have wine or cocktails when we were out in the evening, though!

Lesa said...

More to come, Kaye! I love my family, and we were very lucky to be able to do this. It was so much fun!