Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Off to New York City

I'm off today for two weeks in New York City, or, I should say, for the first of two trips there in two weeks. I'm leaving today for Book Expo America, the publishers' showcase of books and authors. I attend the Library Journal Library Day of Dialog, listen to editors and library marketing representatives talk about their favorite forthcoming books, and, of course, go through exhibits to see those books. And, there are breakfasts and lunches featuring authors, along with the chance to catch up with friends who are authors, publishers' reps, and librarians. I love BEA.

I also love Broadway. I'm going to see Les Miserables one more time while Ramin Karimloo plays Jean Valjean. Everyone who knows me well knows that I go to shows every night I can while I'm in New York.

Ramin Karimloo as Jean Valjean

And, then next week, my family heads to New York. We're doing fun tourist stuff. And, we're going to three shows while we're there.

I'm telling you all this to say my blog will be very sporadic while I'm gone. For the first time in ages, I'm not taking my laptop. I'll have a post or two up while I'm gone, a review on Thursday, a giveaway on Friday, but I won't be posting regularly. Instead, I'm going to enjoy every minute of these trips. I'll share when I come home!


Jen Scott said...

Have a fantastic time! :D

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Yes, have a great time.

I hope you like heat because it's going to be well above the normal average here the next several days at least. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

You cannot go wrong with LES MISERABLES, of course, which we first saw in London in 1986 with Colm Wilkinson.


Kay said...

Have a great time! You deserve it and the blog - well, it will be here. As will all of us. :-)

holdenj said...

Have a great time!

ceblain said...

Have and exciting time; we will want to hear everything when you return.

Lesa said...

Back for a day, so I'll recap. Love the heat, Jeff. I spent a total of 26 1/2 years in Florida or Arizona. Hated to leave the heat.